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02 July 2016, 12:00AM

Matemini Taulafo was fed up with the downward state of his health.

So when he decided to enter the 1Touch Ministries* Health Transformation Bootcamp Challenge back in January, he had one simple goal – lose weight!  But ten weeks later, after shedding 14.8kg off his original weight of 127.6kg, not only did he achieve his goal, but he took it a step further and won the health challenge overall.  

Last week, 1Touch Ministries completed its 10th Health Transformation Bootcamp Challenge since it began in January 2014, and Matemini Taulafo has done it again, becoming a “back to back” champion.  

He has now lost a total of 19.7kg in 20 weeks, after two Health Challenges.

Asked what is the key to his success, Matemini was philosophical.

 “Transformation!,” he said. 

“The challenge for me wasn’t losing weight, it was changing the way I looked at all the food and drink I was consuming that had become a big part of my life and these were the very things that were destroying me.  

“And I realised that these items will continue to make me sick regardless of the weight I lose.” 

So one of the first things Matemini decided to change was his alcohol consumption, but unlike most people who try to wean themselves off it, Matemini decided to stop altogether.  

“When Pastor and Personal Trainer Lenny Solomona shared about the extensive damage alcohol does to your liver and he showed us a photo of a healthy liver and one that was affected by long term alcohol abuse, I took one look at it and said – that’s it, I’m not drinking anymore.”

Matemini has inspired so many others to value the life they have been given, but he says the greatest inspiration for him is the love that his transformation has created in his family.  

“My wife doesn’t love me more because of my transformation or the prize money I won; she loves me because now I’m a stronger leader to my family by setting an example to her and our children,” he says. 

Matemini’s new goal is to lose a further eight kilos. 

“My goal is to get down to 100kg but I will do it the right way.” 

By this Matemini means he will continue to apply the principles he has been taught by his 1Touch family.  

“My weight-loss has been a gradual process where I’m losing less than a kilo a week; and I put it down to this: It’s what I’m eating, when I am eating it, and how many times I am eating throughout the day.” 

And then of course there’s the exercise.  

“Training my body regularly has increased my energy levels, strengthened my bones and I feel fitter and healthier now than when I was playing sport competitively.”

When Matemini entered his first challenge, he noticed something was different. 

“One aspect of this challenge that really inspired me to transform my life was Pastor Lenny and Tai Solomona’s influence in incorporating the biblical view of healthy living as the main pillar of the challenge.” 

He says that scriptural references and prayer is the key because most people who depend on their willpower often give up when the hardships come.  

 “It’s a challenge, that means it’s not going to be easy, but what I love about coming to Bootcamp everyday is that as hard as it is, all the 1Touch trainers encourage us through the word of God, and when the training is over we come together in prayer and give thanks to God for giving us the strength to overcome all our struggles.” 

So after two Health Bootcamp Challenges the journey for Matemini continues. “I have no desire to go back to where I was.  Yes my body has changed but more importantly my life has been transformed!”

*1Touch Ministries next 10 Week Health Transformation Bootcamp Challenge is set to kick off next week with a 3 DAY OPEN DAY REGISTRATION to be held at the CONFERENCE ROOM, GROUND LEVEL, TATTE BUILDING starting at 5.00pm to 6.00pm.  It will then be followed by the Nutrition Seminar from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. For more information visit us on Facebook: “1Touch” or email us at [email protected] 

02 July 2016, 12:00AM

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