Akenese’s healthcare plea for her elderly mother

By Aruna Lolani 20 May 2017, 12:00AM

Akenese Su’a of Faleasiu needs your help so she can take care of her mother.

Speaking to the Village Voice, Akenese said healthcare services should reach out to the villages weekly or monthly to do checkups on elderly people.

“My kids and I stay together with my husband at Malie with his family but we moved back home because my brother called about my mom getting sick.

“My mom has diabetes so at the moment; her eyesight is starting to be a problem because she’s starting to not see things clearly.

“She can still walk but there are times when she’s annoyed with her eye condition.

“I do feel for my mom and that’s why I think I’m in a position where I need to ask for help.

“I humbly ask the government if they can initiate some sort of healthcare assessment where doctors and nurses are able to go out in villages to see and do checkups for elderly people like my mother.

“I’m not trying to ask for myself, no, I’m telling you I can do this everyday; taking my mom to the hospital to be checked because I have all the time, I have all the energy but the thing is, my mother doesn’t.

“And that goes for most elderly as well, especially the ones who are far away from town and don’t’ have cars.

“Trust me, it’s exhausting for my mother especially in her condition; to just get in the bus, sit for another hour until you get to where you want to go. Then wait to catch another bus to go to the hospital. 

“My mother is at the age where most of her time needs to be spent on resting.

“I need the government to please, look into situations like these for our elderly. 

“We all love our parents and when they get to old age, we always encourage them to not do too much work because we don’t want anything to happen to them.

“Please, send out your doctors to villages to do checkups on the old people, to see if they are okay, see what they need and make sure they are healthy.

“It would really mean a lot to me and my mother and everybody else who need services like these because getting to an old age is like you’re back to being a baby again.

Akenese said it has been a while since she took her mom for a checkup at the hospital and now she’s going to take her again as soon as her sisters and brothers from overseas send money over for their mother.

“Seeing a doctor is not cheap but we try to do the best for our mom because we love her.”

The 32 year old mother said that her husband stays at Malie and even though her children miss seeing their father, they can’t go back until her mother gets better.

“I love my mom and it is my duty to take care of her, no matter what.

“So we can’t go anywhere until she gets better or when my sister arrives to look after her.”

By Aruna Lolani 20 May 2017, 12:00AM

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