The most pressing issue in Samoa

07 June 2016, 12:00AM

Samoa as a country is grabbling with a number of social and economic issues. There is increasing hardship as families struggle to make ends meet, there is poverty, the rising number of street vendors among many other social problems. What do you think is the most pressing issue for Samoa today? And what can we do to solve these problems? Pai Mulitalo asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what the people said:

Teutonu Vaoau, Siusega 45

There are many issues the government needs to look into. As a mother, the one that worries me the most is the violence being attributed to students and young people. In the past years, things like this hardly happened especially in public places. This time it is out of control. The police can’t handle the violence. I think our government needs to seriously look into this issue to avoid it from happening again. There should be regulations to keep these students from fighting in public places and the schools needs to be closed down if it happens again.

Setefano Pati Romeo, Fasito’o-Tai, 29

The most pressing issue for me is morality and the erosion of family values. I’m particularly concerned about cases of incest and rape involving fathers and their daughters. We are all men, we have sisters, daughters and female relatives and they depend on us for protection. But what are we seeing? I get sick and tired of hearing this issue over and over every week from Police and from rumors going around. It’s time to stop. This is the kind of issue that our government needs to prioritize. These people don’t deserve to be given another chance they need to be put behind bars for the rest of their lives because what they are doing is unforgettable and unforgiving.

Vaoau Taula, Siusega 46

Many things have changed in our country. I see many children running around selling goods on the road. I don’t accept the excuse it’s the only thing their family can earn a living from. If it is, let the parents come and do the job but don’t send the poor child. I also find them roaming around during school hours and that is unacceptable because our duty as parents is to pay their school fees. I think the government needs to look into this situation because it’s worsening. Parents must be held responsible and the government needs to monitor and enforce the compulsory education laws.

Kelemene Saoalai, Vaitele-Tai 32 

The major issue the government needs to prioritise is violence between the schools. Samoa is known to other countries as the safest place to go for a visit. Unfortunately, we are getting to the point where Samoa will be considered the worst place for tourists. The schools are fighting in public places which endanger the lives of many people and other students. I believe the government needs to close any school that starts these fights. A good example was set for Avele College but they were given a second chance.

Matenoa Tavita, Faleula-uta 22

I think the government should look at family violence. There are many serious crimes found in our country. Things that we never thought would reach Samoa. The rising number of sexual assaults is unacceptable. The government needs to find other ways to avoid these kinds of things from happening. These people need to be locked away forever.

Enele Tuumatavai, Matavai Safune/ Faleula 42

My major concern is violence between the schools. The students are getting out of control. Many have ended up in jail but what kind of help are they getting from there? How can they be well disciplined? The government needs to find ways to work around this issue. Because it’s not only painting a bad image of Samoa to people around the globe but it’s a threat to the tourists who prefer Samoa as a place for a vacation.

07 June 2016, 12:00AM

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