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By Soli Wilson 15 February 2019, 12:00AM

It did not take long for Robert Angler, a German backpacker, to like Samoa.

“I arrived on Saturday and I already love it,” he said. 

It’s Robert’s first time in Samoa, let alone the Pacific region.

 “I’m from Germany and I think that Samoa is one of those places which are the [furthest] distance from Germany and so I’ve always been interested in Polynesian culture and how it works,” he said.

“Being so remote from everything, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and so this is why I am here.”

He will be on the island for a month and has noticed that the most striking feature of the Samoan people is their smile.

“The people you know, their smiles they have – it’s really lovely.”

Staying at Olivia’s Accommodation at Apia Park, he highly recommends the place.

“In my accommodation there are a lot of people staying there and the people are lovely and the place is really laid back,” he said.

Robert does not recommend seeing Samoa all in one go but rather take your time to explore the country and immerse yourself into the Samoan lifestyle.

“Should just enjoy the spirits and enjoy the weather and going to Savai’i at a beach or so which I have not yet done and definitely will do it,” he said.

The food in Samoa has also really amazed the German tourist – from the umu-cooked food to pastries to fresh fruits.

“The food is amazing – taro with coconut, fish with coconut, some samosa and of course the fresh fruit which is really special, having avocado for breakfast and special papaya, its lovely.

“You know we don’t have this in Germany, when we have our avocados they come through Israel or New Zealand and I don’t buy it because it’s not local and fresh.”

He found our tropical weather very interesting but he made sure to come prepared.

“I know it’s the cyclone season here and I’m kind of prepared for this because I had a lot of time, because if you don’t have much time then it may be a problem, but I have lots of time so I’m very flexible about this,” he said.

The slow pace of life in Samoa also sparked Robert’s interest.

“You don’t have to hurry around to see things, you just calm down and have a coffee somewhere and read the paper; it’s nice,” he said. “You see it in the way people walk around here; because where I’m from, people walk fast and are always so busy, but here it’s a good way to live – it’s a healthy way of living.”

The German tourist wishes to get a moderately small leg tattoo with traditional tattooing tools before he leaves the country. He also wants to spend more time with the locals.

“What’s beneficial for me is the way people behave, the way people are, because people are friendly, kind (plus) the smiles and everything, I think this is really nice.

“And I’m very fascinated about the strengths of the tribes (villages) and families because in Germany we have lost this a bit and everybody is an individual.

“And we lose social contacts, like this is a healthy way to live – to stay connected. Connected also to nature, to the sea, to the food and how you use things here like you use everything from the coconut and stuff, so it’s a really good thing to do, it’s a sustainable way of living,” he explained.

Robert reckons he could actually live in Samoa.

“If I find a nice girl,” he laughed.

By Soli Wilson 15 February 2019, 12:00AM

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