P.M. scoffs at Vaiusu naysaying

The $250 million Vaiusu Wharf project will be completed, the Prime Minister says maintaining the Government will not abandon developments that benefit Samoa.

The Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi, said the wharf project was already in progress. 

“And the Government will not go back on good developments,” he said during his weekly programme.

“One person’s interference will also not be taken as an opinion from the whole of Vaiusu when he is not even a matai (chief) from Vaiusu.”

Tuilaepa’s comments follow the M.P. for Urban West, Faumuina Wayne Fong saying in Parliament that he doesn’t support the project and neither do the villagers.

In April’s general election the villages of Vaiusu and Vaigaga will be a part of the constituency for which Faumuina is running.

The Prime Minister took a jab at Faumuina saying the candidate of the newly formed constituency, Faleata No. 2, speaks as if he is its “ruler”.

“It’s a pity, the person is pathetic. He is not a Vaiusu matai,” said Tuilaepa.

“And the reason why it is called the township of Vaiusu, because it starts from Vaiusu, but the project extends all the way to Faleula.

“That is one reason why this is very important; there is no limit to its extension possibilities. Unlike here (Apia wharf), it is limited, but over there, it is at sea, the needed area is right under the management of the Government.

“So it is up to Government how they implement their projects for the future [of Samoa].”

Article 104 of the Constitution stipulates that land below high water is deemed public land.

Tuilaepa said Faumuina should not be bothered because he is a “millionaire.”

“He has wealth; once he wakes up, he eats steak, while the many children of Vaiusu, Vaitele, Vaigaga, and Vailoa have no jobs,” he said.

“And it’s not like he feeds all those families; those families depend on these jobs.”

The P.M. revealed that the final step of the project negotiation, before the implementation phase relies on the opening of the international borders.

He said the only remaining phase to complete for the project is negotiating its financing.

“Remember the project also includes the wharf at Asau, the reef needs to be widened for a passageway to be allowed for the ships to come through,” Tuilaepa said.

“The passageway exists where no reef can grow, because of the flowing from rivers into the sea, this flowing kills the small species that make up the reef, and that’s why there is a large passageway here at Apia, due to the Vaisigano River.

“But at the Asau wharf, there is no passageway there so we have to break through the reef to allow a passageway for the wharf.”

Tuilaepa said there is a large chance for the West coast of Savai'I to develop from the docking of fishing boats, oil vessels, and cruise ships at the Asau wharf.

“This will make two large wharves in Savaii, one in Salelologa and one in Asau. The development of Salelologa township continues as it is the nearest point of Savaii to Upolu,” said Tuilaepa.

“There will come a time when Salelologa town will be bigger than Apia, due to the amount of land it is built upon. And that’s the same with Asau.

“And with these developments, many jobs will be created, allowing the children [to find jobs] whom this man often mentions, as if he… He has not a single ability to stop what is good for the country.”

He said that Faumuina does not have the power to stop the Government’s progress on development matters.

“I don’t know where he comes with this kind of mighty strength but that is the fact of the matter, he does not stop the Government from doing what is good for the whole country especially for families who are less fortunate,” he said.

“They need jobs for their children but good on Faumuina he has motor vehicles and a nice house, he is wealthy.

“Not all of Vaigaga, Vaitele, Vailoa and Vaiusu are like that.”

Last week, Tuilaepa told the Legislative Assembly it was the long-term vision of the Government to build an international wharf at Vaiusu, in order to address congestion issues at Matautu Wharf.


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