So many Gods

Dear Editor 

Re: In response to “We are living in a time of prophesy”

We can explain the wind with extensive, compelling, objective, scientific evidence. We know about all the particles, starting with quantum fields leading to quarks and electrons, leading to atoms, and finally to the molecules that make up the air, (N2, O2, CO2, etc.) which is put into motion and referred to as wind. We know how heating and cooling in the atmosphere creates the wind and we can demonstrate this by experiment. 

We have absolutely none of this compelling, objective evidence for any gods. 

Not a shred of objective evidence. 

None whatsoever. 

Your analogy is busted wide open.

Niuveve, you too are an atheist. Researchers tell us that there are at least 3000 gods that mankind has worshipped. The only difference between us is that you don’t believe in 2999 of those gods (making you an atheist), and I don’t believe in just one more. (Actually I prefer agnostic).

Your god has a huge problem. He has lost his foundation. We know today beyond reasonable doubt that there was no six day creation, no two-person DNA bottleneck, no global flood, no mass Exodus from Egypt and no conquest of Canaan.

All but a handful of religious scholars, acknowledge this. Without these five pillars, the foundation for the Abrahamic gods have completely washed away. With no Yahweh, there is no need to believe the right thing about Jesus in order to avoid the heinous evil of eternal torment.

Note as well, that the religious never take long before hurling personal insults, such as those you have hurled at Leo in this thread, and are now preparing to hurl at me, for pointing out how counterproductive your debate is. Christianity has become the religion of hostility to the other, which is why it is driving the young people away, and once you lose the kids, the religious game is over.


Patrick Gannon

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