The answer to all our problems

Dear Editor,

Re: A future we all want 

A future we all want includes responsible leaders, and a strong justice system to address corruption and white-collar crimes that’s sucking million of dollars out of the economy every year. 

People are dying needlessly in underfunded hospitals and children are begging on the streets because millions of dollars have been diverted from government initiatives by greedy government officials - Christian followers. 

There’s no point singing about a bright future when corruption by Samoa’s government officials are complicating progress and encouraging borrowing by the government. 

The future looks bleak for the children of Samoa not the children and families of Samoa’s government officials. A mounting foreign debt and corruption in government are burdens for Samoa’s future generations and with an increasing number of children begging on the streets. 

The chances of having an educated population to take Samoa forward in this modern era is dangerously diminishing leaving decision making to a selected few. It’s a popular tactic by dictators to create a culture of reliance from the majority on a selected few. 

Remember your favourite quote stui “A person will commit a sin if they do wrong like lying and assaulting someone else but the other sin is knowing that the other person has done wrong and you don’t do anything about it” 

Address corruption eg. O.P.C Report 2010 ae aua le pepelo and Samoa will be full of prosperity.


Le Mafa P

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