Questions for E.P.C.

Dear Editor,

I just have a few queries for the General Manager of E.P.C:

• Please clarify how many Motor Distributor companies who provided tenders for these proposed customized vehicles including the tendered prices as per Sunday Samoan 22 May, 2016. Headline: $1.7m Fleet Queried. If tendered out when and where was it advertised?

• Please clarify how many companies who provided tenders including the tendered prices for Tree Trimming (electrical power lines) now being contracted to a former E.P.C employee. Awarding such a package for working for E.P.C is very rewarding, which includes 3 x E.P.C. vehicles Toyota hilux and 2 x Daihatsu Dyna trucks, tools, ladders, chainsaws etc… as well as former E.P.C employees to carry out these works. If tendered out when and where was it advertised?

• Why wasn’t the Distribution Manager of Vaitele or an Electrical Engineer present in supervising a recent incident involving a linesman ELECTROCUTED while working on High Voltage works carried out on 03rd May 2016 at the recent Solar Farm at Faleata? (Just before it was commissioned and handed over recently). Not only was he working on High Voltage Lines still Active and Energised but also without Safety wear and boots. HIGH VOLTAGE as in KILOVOLTS. (example: 6,600Volts, 22,000Volts or 33,000Volts etc..). What puzzles me is that his arm was amputated with burns all over his body and yet the National Health only discloses the death of a Bluesky employee falling to his death which I think happened within the same week.

• Why was the former Distribution Manager of Vaitele who is an Electrical Engineer replaced with a Mechanical Engineer? He was doing a very good job but since replaced, now we are having all sorts of outages and issues with power supply especially when they are to be shut off for repairs and not fully restored when switched back on, and when we call fault service they switch there lines to answer machine mode. (now having said that it is common practice for all E.P.C phone lines). Then when they do answer after few hours of redialing they seem to think that we are stupid, leaving work on Saturday and come back Monday to half your office building without power.

These long time former employees of E.P.C have been involved in corrupt practices involving tens and thousands of dollars within the Corporation and yet they still seem to get away with all these acts. Whereas the low-end employees down the pyramid are in court for selling a power pole or scrap cable to scrap dealers.

Jason Reti

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