Mixed views on long vaccination card queus

Auloto Titi, 50, Lusoalii

I heard from other women that they were here on Monday and Tuesday and said it was full. I just came today at 5am and picked the number and there were only a few people, but I am already done. I came here with my son’s wife but I don’t know if she’s gone inside. The number was called quickly but I heard other women saying they were here on Monday and yesterday so there may be a lot of things that have to be done. I got mine quickly.

Rose Vaasatia, 33, Vaivase

There should be a change because the children really need this as enrollment has started. Now they are here to get their vaccination cards, but this is what happened last year, so there should be something else done to avoid this because of [COVID-19]. But there is no change, it is still full. We got here and picked the number and my sibling said it was 200 but currently they are at 80. I recently got here, probably at 12:30pm.

Tala Alai, 46, Malie

This shows that parents keep waiting because it was announced last year to do this but now they are here at this time. We are here now but see how the work is being done, there are corrupt ways. You can hear the door at the back where some people are going through, but we are still waiting at the back. I got here at  6:30am which was nearly 7am, the numbers were already 138. I heard that others picked their number at 5am. I am still waiting. I am patient and the Lord is helping us. Everything is good but these are just small problems. 

Faaliitau Keresoma Filipi, 62, Sasina

I arrived here at 10am. When I got here with my son the numbers were already at 200 and we are still waiting and it is really difficult. We can see corrupt ways that is being done by others but we are going through the line we should go through. We just came here today and we are still waiting. We had other plans but it seems like we are going to go home. We will be patient. I heard it will close at 10pm so we will wait.

Lemapu Samilolo, 48, Malie

It is not easy for people to do their work, but people should be patient because it is not easy. We should look at the work because it is not easy. We came in the morning at 7am and there were already a lot of people here. Our number is 118. The number right now is 80 so we are just waiting here in the shade.

Moli Tau, 56, Moataa

This is the fourth time I came here. I was here on Monday and there was no space. My number is always above 100. I was here yesterday and it was the same thing. What I see here is that all is done through the people that you know. The security guard comes and picks a person he knows but they have no number. There was always a problem that happened yesterday between a woman and a security guard. Now it is the same thing today. I came here today at 7am and there were already a lot of people here. My number is now 200 but other people probably slept here. This will take a long time. We are using our money for travel expenses just by coming and going. It is lucky that I live nearby at Moataa.

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