Listen to them

Re: Criminal libel 


What are the Ghost writers saying P.M.? Why are you bringing this law back into action? 

To suit your purposes? Why don’t you just come clean about the Government spending and the outcomes of all the investment, Aid, that NZ, China and Australia have given to the people of Samoa? 

No water and power in the 21st Century and we have a $2 billion tala debt? 

What did your Government do with the money? 

That’s what O.L.P and John Campbell from NZ’s TV3 were wanting you to explain? 

Twenty or more years in power and still no change, except high cost of living, low wages, poverty, low education standards and rising crime both within the H.R.P.P run Government and locally! 

The simple act of re-igniting a barbaric law such as the Libel law is a crime against ‘all Samoan’s and visitor’s right to freedom of speech!’ 

Personally, I would rescind the Aircraft and let 3 x tendered Airlines take control of ferrying our Samoans, and Visitors into Samoa, and collect easy tax payments, and not the economical headache running an Airline would present! 

What is going to change now, that Polynesian Airline’s didn’t do back then? Nothing! 

We will still have the same H.R.P.P team pulling the strings in the background whereas, it should’ve been their hugely one eyed inflated ego heads being pulled in, away from the flight path!


Iona Tusa

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