Village vows to enforce rules, stop unruly conduct

By Talaia Mika 07 January 2021, 2:00PM

Apia village will enforce rules to promote order among its residents and prevent its youth from wearing the blame for damaging Government property, its Mayor says. 

Apia's Mayor, Tuiletufuga Fritz Tuiavii, told the Samoa Observer that with the festive season now over they are keen to restore pride and order and they have put out public notices calling for support and adherence to rules. 

“We’ve always been protecting, not just our residents’ properties but also the Government’s and now that we are not in the festive season anymore, we’ve decided to revitalise these rules and regulations,” he said. 

“We have informed the public about this via television in a public notice so we’d appreciate it if everyone supports and not blame our residents due to some [damage] in town.”

The village leaders put out a public notice on television on Monday, informing the public of the village rules and protocols to be aware of.

Tuiletufuga also disputed claims that local young people were to blame for the damage sustained by Government-owned properties in the town area as well as other unruly behaviour.

He claimed that most of those responsible were from other villages, not their younger population who had been behaving well. 

“Our youth have not been misbehaving so far but it is also why we’re reminding everyone about our rules again, is that so we can live in peace and harmony,” he said. 

“[The] majority of the kids that had been playing music were from other villages, I know but I won’t say their names so with that as well we aim to kill that attitude.”

The failure of the Police to respond quickly to reported incidents brought to their attention by residents was another concern expressed by Tuiletufuga. 

Apia village rules include a prohibition on drinking in public, public disorder and a ban on speakers with loud music.

Tuiletufuga said the penalties for any breaches are similar to other villages.

“Either they pay a few hundred tala or feed the village council or if a resident continues to repeat a mistake, they might be expelled from the village,” he said.

"That’s how we operate."

He said non-residents caught in breach of the rules would be reported directly to Police. 

Apia’s evening curfew for families’ evening services usually runs from 6 to 7pm or 8pm.

By Talaia Mika 07 January 2021, 2:00PM

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