STREET TALK: What are your New Year’s resolutions?

By Tina Mata'afa-Tufele 04 January 2021, 6:00PM

Tulia Agelu, 53, Manono Tai

My resolution for the New Year is to further develop my plantations. I am also looking to secure a boat so I can keep fishing. I have papayas and red hot chili peppers here and they are from my plantations. I plan to go to Pinati to sell them. This is what I do to take care of my wife and children as well the village and my church. I am still trying to figure out what goals I should set for the New Year according to God’s will. The main things for me are to develop my plantation. I am also a fisherman and it is a goal of mine to secure a boat so I can go fishing. Diving is tough so a boat would make it easier for me. I can just sit on my boat and drop the hook into the ocean.

Elisa Ah Chong, 36, Vaiala

The year has just started and I am here operating my stall at the market because school will soon start up again and I need to fund my children’s needs for school – to pay for their tuition and their school supplies. That is the main goal for me and why I am here at the market every day. I am here to earn money to fund the things my children need for school this year. I have four children. If sales are good this year, there will be things that I need to get done like repairing our car. I am looking at making improvements to my plantation. I wish for blessings upon Samoa as we venture into this New Year and I hope that it may end on a positive note.

Filimaua Vaoliko, 26, Faleasiu

Well I work at a barber shop. I cut hair for a living and the main goal I have for the New Year is to start my own business. It will be a barber shop. I have been cutting hair for nearly four years. I don’t have much to say at all except that I wish everyone well as we journey into this New Year which we have been given.

Sitina Petelo, 30,Toamua

The only resolution I have is to provide for my children. That is all that is on my mind – being able to provide for my children and their education. I want my children to get a good education so this year I am going to be working hard to provide for my children and family, especially my mother. I am all about my family and making improvements to my home. This year, let’s all strive to do something good for our country. I wish all of the country a blessed Happy New Year!

Faumuina Alefosio Mika , 72, Saleimoa

I am 72 years old so I do too many strenuous things these days. I came here to the market today to meet my daughter and get some cash and some food for the week. Right now I am getting ready to head back home because my errands in town are done. For the New Year, I am waiting for my children, who are all employed, to purchase a parcel of land perhaps somewhere in Vaitele or Aleisa so we can build our own store. They would run the store and I would probably grow cabbage and eggplants outside. If we can get $2 from a sale, that would be helpful for something. That is my resolution for this year – to purchase a piece of land and build a store on it, God willing of course. Everyone’s plans are designed by God and a lot of times, our plans do not fit into God’s plans so what we must do is pray for God’s help in making our plans a reality.

Jacinta Fonoti, 40, Fagalii

What I plan to do this year is to make improvements to my business stalls here at the market and with my plantations. I have already started on my New Year’s resolution to stick to my diet and improve my health. My body used to be a lot bigger but I know it’s not a good thing to be so big because you are prone to getting sick. I am paying a lot of attention to the foods I am eating. I used to eat a lot of meat and fatty foods like fried foods. I started two months ago and my aim is to drop more weight. So far I have lost six pounds and that has been because I am eating a lot more fruits and vegetables. I have been exercising a lot and my main form of exercise is walking. I always want to get a sweat in. I have cut down on my meat a lot and I only eat meat twice a week. I choose fish and tinned mackerel and that is what has helped me to lose weight. I want to set a good example for my children because if I continue to eat unhealthy foods so will my children. That is my New Year’s resolution and I started two months ago. Now that we have crossed over into the New Year, I am leading my family into a healthier lifestyle so they can follow my example.



By Tina Mata'afa-Tufele 04 January 2021, 6:00PM

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