Why Moe Lei Sam’s concerns brushed aside

Dear Editor,

Re: Moe Lei Sam’s concerns 

What Ms. Lei Sam is talking about and her concerns mentioned in the article about the state of Samoa, have been discussed many times. And it’s true what she said, that nothing has been done about the concerns till this day. 

When people first discussed these concerns way back, P.M. Tuilaepa, his H.R.P.P and their blind followers denied them and said all these concerns were just assumptions. Well, those ‘assumptions’ manifested into reality from a long time ago and are still here today.

One of Ms. Lei Sam’s concerns was that “… there are more and more Chinese coming to Samoa.” Remember that list of Chinese Demands? 

This was one of the demands and Number 9 on that ‘list’ –Samoa Government shall agree to admit 30,000 workers in the whole range under the general project, who shall enjoy the same national treatment as local residents.

Now according to Ms. Lei Sam, a Chinese business owner said, “Business is going well because Samoans eat everything.”

This Chinese is a smart man and he’s sending a message to the Samoan people because he knows that there will be more and more Chinese arriving in Samoa soon, and they will take over town (Apia) and push more and more Samoans out of town and in the rural areas. 

He also knows the Samoans will one day soon be desperate for food they’d end up eating anything. He also knows that when the Chinese govt put forth their demand for 30,000 Chinese to come here, it must be fulfilled and he knows they will get equal rights to everything (including land) just the same as the Samoans. He’s sure too that P.M. Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P cannot do anything about it as they owe about 67-70% of the loan from Exim bank, which is owned by the Chinese govt.

I’ve written a lot of threads about the increase of the cost of living as it was predictable from way back. The raising of prices/the cost of living had nothing to do with the health of the people as they made it out to be but all to do with the govt. being desperate for money to pay off this H.R.P.P’s debt and corruption. 

To me, it’s broad daylight robbery of the poor, the sick and the weak of this nation. Also according to Ms. Lei Sam, “… nobody is doing something about those grievances.” Well these grievances are not new. Here is the reason why those grievances will never be dealt with and solved. The Prime Minister and his party are not one for the people. Ms. Lei Sam also shared her concerns about much violence and rape.

This is evidence that P.M. Tuilaepa is not for the people. The mother of crime is poverty and poverty in Samoa is increasing every year. Of course, whenever H.R.P.P increase the cost of living (almost every year), then so too does crime.

Ms. Lei Sam stated that in other parts of the world, people are taking it to the streets to complain about what is wrong. She then asked, “Why can’t we do the same?” The people of Samoa will not take to the streets because the people cannot see any better. The lack of education and understanding of how things work contribute to that reason. They cannot see that the social problems they’re facing today are consequences born out of corruption.

As for church leaders and the matai in the villages, most of them have been bought already by P.M. Tuilaepa and those leaders dictate the masses in the villages.

Remember, last year P.M. Tuilaepa promised the nation that the corruption highlighted in the Chief Auditor’s report and the Office of the Parliamentary Committee (O.P.C.) reports, would be tabled way before the elections. 

Now the elections are over and the reports still have not been tabled and are ignored and probably gathering dust under his desk. There is enough evidence of corruption included in those reports – enough to prosecute some of the H.R.P.P members. 

P.M. Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P., the nation is still waiting for those reports to be tabled.

Mebahel Raguel 

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