Vision, mission on agenda

By Deidre Tautua-Fanene 18 March 2018, 12:00AM

The Samoa Tokelau Mission Office of the Seventh Day Adventist Church met last week.

Samoa Tokelau Mission President, Pastor Kenneth Fuliese. said the meeting was to look at the organisation’s vision, mission, value and strategy.

“For this week, we looked at the code of conduct of a leader, biblical model of leadership from the style of leadership, which is Jesus,” he told the Samoa Observer.

“There are key principles behind Jesus leadership and that is where we based our trainings, looking at what are some of the key principles of Jesus life that makes this movement of Christianity successful.”

“Even though Jesus didn’t write any books or lead any organisations, the movement of Christianity was successful because it was through his leadership and there were principals behind his leadership.

Some six topics were covered.

“We looked at leadership is servant hood, purpose driven, led by example, impact of a leader comes from leadership and not position, and effective leader will always find time to replenish and an effective leader calls for great commitment.”

They also invited some guests outside of the church to share their different perspectives.

“We invited some guest speakers to come and speak at our training, we had the A.C.E.O. of the Samoa Water Authority, Tikeri Kolone, on Monday and on Tuesday we had the C.E.O. of  Origin Gas, Felise Sam Chong.”

“So it’s been great. The employees heard from us as well as people from outside of the church.”

There are also challenges that they want to avoid.

“There is always that perception where people will say it is the work of the Mission that we think we are run in a way where we do not associate with other organization,” he said.

“But really, indebted right within the core of any organization it’s the same principles that are practice in any organizations it’s the same, there are visions, missions and core values so it’s all the same.”

“And so to try and introduce some of those practices it requires trainings and personal developments.”

“Not everyone in the office has been through higher educations that requires masters’ degrees or have been introduced to some of these practices and so as leaders we felt that we owe them.”

“And if we want the workers to speak the same language and sing the same songs we need to train them to understand that we cannot have higher expectations of somebody who do not know what is expected of them.”

Asked what they are hoping to get out of the training,

“See our vision is to be a vibrant Adventist movement living our hope in Jesus while transforming our people,” said Pastor Fuliese.

“So the idea is from the headquarter we want to be a vibrant organization who continue to leave their hope in Jesus through our church members.”

“Because I believe the Samoan saying ‘E afua mai mauga manuia,’ if we want to be a leader we need to lead by example and we cannot tell people to do something that we are not doing here in the office.”

“So we want to see that first in our lives here, practice and see that vibe it’s like an effect and flows down to the people of the church.”

“This training is a weeklong training and it’s only half days training.”

“This is a yearly programme and we try to have it twice a year and we always invite leaders from the community of other professions to come and speak about their experience.”

The purpose of the training is for their employees, starting from their different departments, including directors, to be more professional in terms of development. 

By Deidre Tautua-Fanene 18 March 2018, 12:00AM

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