Ride the wild horses

Think a minute…In the American Wild West, wild horses were called mustangs, after which the Ford sports car was named. Wild horses are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. It is inspiring to watch them run fast and free with no fences to hold them in.

But their speed and power could never have been used to help mankind unless we trained these wild creatures for riding. 

We humans have natural wild power and passion in us also. But if we never learn to control and use our strong drives and desires, they will remain wild and continue hurting ourselves and others around us. We must learn to train and ride these wild horses of our nature, or they will stampede and trample our life, along with the lives of those close to us. 

We were not created to be boring people with no colorful personalities or special abilities. It is the exact opposite. God made us with all kinds of great passions, personalities and ambitions to do great things with our lives. But we must learn to control them so we use our natural, personal power for the good of others.

Whether it is our ambition for success in our job and career, our natural personality and drive to lead others, or our passion for fun and adventure. 

God gave each of us our own one-of-a-kind blend of personality, desires and abilities that He wants us to develop and use to make a difference in His world. God gave you your strong will and inclinations so you could reach your full potential as a person made in His likeness.

Jesus came to make us free, so we can become all we were created to be. He came to give us the inner strength and self-control we need to fully use the power of our passions for the happiness and good of others. Jesus Himself had strong passions and a powerful personality, but He showed us how to use them in the right way for the right purpose. 

Jesus did not come to take all the fun, excitement and ambition out of your life. On the contrary, He came to help you maximize it and live your life to the fullest, through “power under control”. Jesus did not come to take the “fight” out of you. He just wants you to learn to fight for His real love and truth.

He wants you to use your anger for the right things, so you will be angry at dishonesty, immorality, pride, prejudice, the abuse of women and children, violence, and all the sins that are damaging and destroying lives, including your own. Today, won’t you ask Jesus to take full control of your heart, character and passions every day of your life? It is the only way you can ever live your life to the fullest. Just think a minute…

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