No running water for family at Toamua-uta

By Ulimasao Fata 29 November 2017, 12:00AM

People can survive without electricity.

But that’s hard to do without water. 

This is the belief 45-year-old father, Ionatana Gali, from the village of Toamua-Uta. 

Mr. Gali said things were okay in their family except for the water supply.

“It has been more than a year since we moved here and we still haven’t had any running water here,” he said.

“We have been contacting the Ministry responsible for the matter and applied for water connection, but nothing has happened yet.

“Life here is good, I mean everything is good here except the issue with water because the only time we would have water is when it rains.”

Mr. Gali works as a night security guard at the Samoa Ports Authority and he said that’s the only source of income for his family.

He also said their plantation beside their home was where they got food from.

Mr. Gali said collecting water was an issue he was facing because his house did not have running water.

“We take all our gallons outside when it rains and that’s basically my children’s role, while I’m the one who brings the gallons when they are full.

“Sometimes when it hardly rains, I will send my children with our yellow gallons to our other family in the coastal area to get water and I’ll be going back and forth bringing it myself and trust me it is a really hard task.”

Mr. Gali is requesting for assistance in terms of receiving a water tank to help address their water issue.

“I am in need of a water tank to assist my family in collecting water because collecting water here in my place is really hard.

“I feel sorry for my children going around collecting water from our family in the coastal with these heavy gallons and that is one reason why I am looking for a big water tank.”

Mr. Gali also says he is excited with the recent rainy conditions because it helpes them collect more water.

“Everyone is like hating the rain from last week but to me, I am excited because the rain gives me and my family water.”

By Ulimasao Fata 29 November 2017, 12:00AM

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