Why don’t you just close the Green Lane?

Dear Editor,

Here’s an idea for the Ministry of Revenue to collect more taxes without squeezing the poor villagers even more. Close the Green Lane.

If the Honourable Minister just happened to be at the wharf when several illegal containers were intercepted I would suggest it was either a set up for a photo opportunity or illegal containers are arriving so frequently that they can be found on any day. 

I’m also wondering why the five containers weren’t impounded immediately. Does the Ministry now give notice to criminals that tomorrow we’re coming back to search for contraband? 

I can just imagine the conversation after they left. ‘Right boys, get rid of the containers full of alcohol and keep the soda drinks so they’ve got something to confiscate.’

The argument that there’s not enough staff to at least randomly check containers in the Green Lane just doesn’t add up when the lost revenue from just 2 or 3 containers could pay the salary of a Customs Officer for a whole year. 

It’s things like this inconsistent policing of import duty that keeps serious foreign investors away in droves. 

If local businesses with ‘connections’ don’t play by the same rules as everyone else it’s better for an investor to put their money somewhere else where business acumen is valued higher then cronyism.


Pika T

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