On top of struggles, no water

By Aruna Lolani 14 July 2017, 12:00AM

Everyone needs water to survive. 

For Tu’ipala Alesaga, aged 47 of Leulumoega Uta, he doesn’t have that basic necessity. 

“This area for a very long time has not had a regular water supply,” he said. 

“The problem has passed down from ancestors to ancestors until now we are still living with the same thing. 

 “As you can see, the scarcity of water in this area is a big problem. The problem has been around for years.

“The people living in this area of our village continue to struggle with this problem. 

The situation is so bad that the people of Leulumoega Uta actually celebrate when it is the rainy season.

“But it’s very difficult when it’s sunny. The rain helps us out a lot with getting water.

“We have made requests to the Members of Parliament for our district in regards to water supply for this side of the village, but until now, we still haven’t heard from them.”

Tu’ipala went on to say that getting water when it is not raining is very hard. 

“The only time when we get a rest from fetching water is the rainy season,” he said 

“We count ourselves lucky right now because we can borrow cars to bring the water out here. 

“Unlike back in the days people had to walk far inland to look for water. 

“This problem is bad especially for children. I feel sorry for those who are with their kids up here.

“We say that water is life,” he said.

“And without water, we can’t survive. Therefore, we try very hard to get water for our family every day.

“Imagine having to deal with all the normal routines and daily struggles in life and then on top of all that, we have to fetch water for the family.

“That’s life for us here. I work on this land and aside from doing daily chores I don’t miss fetching water.  

Tu’ipala stressed that they are in desperate need for water supply in Leulumoega Uta. 

“We would love to enjoy having access to good clean water like the others do.

“Having water tanks would be nice too to catch the water from the rain for us. But we are hoping for a better tomorrow for all of us here.

“We are getting tired of asking and not seeing any action. Please Government, walk the talk. Imagine yourself without water? 

“Can you please imagine being the same as us?”

By Aruna Lolani 14 July 2017, 12:00AM

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