Are youth using phones, social media wisely?

Pama Fou, 20, Lalomauga

There are people who are using Facebook and social media wisely to communicate with families. There are also people who are not using it wisely.

Chris Leafi, 19, Vailima

In my opinion, for example, Tik Tok, some people don't like it because there are many things that we are not supposed to do that are on Tik Tok. It is useful when it is just for fun, if you are happy then there is nothing wrong with that but other people are not using Tik Tok wisely. We are using the internet and social media wisely, but I don't know about other people.

Martin Mose, 21, Saleimoa

This is how we communicate with family but it depends on how a person uses it. For example, you can use social media to wish someone a happy birthday but don't bring issues from your family to show to the whole world. Those problems can be fixed in the family, Facebook cannot fix that. It can also be useful such as Tik Tok. It can be used just for fun. If there is a lot of pressure and stress from work then you can watch Tik Tok to make you happy.

Noleen Ah Sam, 21, Saleimoa

There are people that are not using it wisely. On Tik Tok there are many inappropriate stuff. I think you should only be allowed to have a phone until when you are over 21 years old.

Pele Sionafou, 35, Vailele

The youth is using it wisely but some of them are not because there are stuff on social media that shouldn't be there which will cause problems. They can use it but they should use it wisely because we use the phone to communicate with families.

Moemoe Matautia, 47, Vaiee

People are using it wisely but some are not using it wisely. There are some kids that are using it wisely to communicate with families and do their homework. But it is youth who are not in school anymore who are not using it wisely. Facebook is good but it depends on the person and what he or she knows.

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