Raise your standard of living

Think a minute…You’ve heard of people who try to raise their standard of living at almost any cost. 

They’ll go without many things to get a higher education, hoping it will later get them a higher-paying job and career. Some even move their family to another country to raise their standard of living. 

Still others will only let their children marry someone whose standard of living is the same or higher than theirs. Many of us spend much of our life working to raise our standard of living in terms of money and status. 

Then when we finally reach the standard of living we want, we still have to work hard to make sure we stay there!

But there are people whose standard of living never changes, whether they have a lot of money or not.  They always enjoy a high standard of living in their own character and daily lifestyle. 

They’re always honest, loving, and kind. They’re quick to forgive others who wrong and hurt them. 

They’re in control of their physical desires for pleasure, so they always have great fun in life without hurting their own bodies or other people. They enjoy real happiness and closeness every day in their marriage and with their kids.

You see, the kind of person we are inside is what gives us our real standard of living, not material things or status!  So what kind of character and daily lifestyle do you have?  What kind of marriage and family do you have?  What kind of friends? 

There are many people who have heaps of money and status, but they have a low standard of living, because of the low level of their own personal character. They’re dishonest, greedy, competitive, and jealous of what other people have. 

They gossip and use people to get what they want. They don’t have much love and forgiveness in their heart for people who wrong and hurt them. There are heaps of rich people who do not possess real love, peace, and satisfaction in their marriage and family!

This is why our Maker is the only One Who can give us the power, honesty, and love we need to raise our standard of living by raising the level of our character.  

It’s only when we ask Jesus Christ to start changing us that we can start enjoying a truly high standard of living. So why not ask Jesus to take complete charge of your heart and way of living? It’s only then you can start climbing the ladder of REAL success and satisfaction for the rest of your life.   Just Think a Minute…

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