Time for tax rebate scheme

Dear Editor,

Re: Stupid idea from desperate government 

Tax or no tax does not matter. What it is matter is God’s integrity is being questioned all time through his anointed ministers. 

Tax them for the sake of God’s grace. 

Faith does not exist without work. Church-goers have donated from their income and they turn the low tide into high when their income consequentially mismatch their weekly budget. 

What they would fall in first to complain, yes the church’s things, like faamati, alofa ole faifeau, taulaga and many. 

Now the Government wants to tax the faifeau, so be it. 

They are lucky enough that this bill has been tabled long ago. Compare to white country, tax is for everyone. 

But one thing I’m not sure about is the Government ready to reimburse people’s charitable donations through a “Tax Rebate scheme”? 

If that is going to do, fairness is my motive and equal opportunity is shared to both haves and haves not. If not, so why wasting time on trying to fix things which naturally look unfix-able.


Tuisavalalo B.

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