The Bible is God’s word, it is accurate

Dear Editor,

Re: God created everything out of nothingness 

“The reference to the Book of Genesis is a non-sequitur. It has nothing to do with the subject. Genesis is not a science book....

I’m not sure which subject you’re talking about but the conversation I’ve created is about God’s creation, which is written in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. We know it’s not a science book but not everything written in the Bible can be verified by science ... not yet. 

You ought to see and read what’s been verified already. 

And then there’s the typical and usual assumptions or shall we say ignorance.....”no two-person DNA bottleneck, no global flood, no mass Exodus from Egypt and absolutely no conquest of Canaan.”

There are evidences if you decide to look, google it and educate yourself. You will be amazed at what science can say about a global flood, the Exodus and all humans are 99.9% identical etc. The Book of Genesis documents evidence of Gods creation and modern science can prove that but you need to approach it with an open mind. Please make time to google everything you have dismissed outright, science can help you decipher everything you don’t know about Gods creation.

“What is an “expanse of nothingness”? An “expanse” implies space, area, distance, measurement, separation, etc.. Space is not “nothing,” or is it? Is our perception of space simply an illusion?”

Space is defined by google as “a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied.” Therefore an “expanse of nothingness” is pretty much a reference to ‘emptiness’ or space without matter and life...not even crickets.

“Are the stars that appear to be billions of light years away, really a figment of our imagination, and the space between us and the stars really “nothing”? Hmm. Some have theorized that possibility. That would imply that we and our universe are a computer simulation.”

God created everything when He decided it was time to create life on earth, just as the Bible says. There are celestial bodies in the universe now which means there is something out there instead of “nothing” It’s not a figment of our imagination, it real...just as the Bible says. This is what a figment of your imagination looks and sounds like “Some have theorized that possibility. That would imply that we and our universe are a computer simulation.”

“I’m afraid your example of the empty room doesn’t work. First the room itself is a thing. The space within the room is a thing. Unless it’s in a vacuum, the air inside is a thing. Even the emptiness of a room is a “thing.” How do we study “nothing”? Where do we get a handful of “nothing” to analyze and test?”

Don’t waste time trying to study “nothing” because you will end up with basically......nothing !!! But if an empty room is devoid of furniture, then we objectively call it space.

“There are indeed other fields filling the hypothetical “nothing” room.”

If you go back to my post, you will notice that I did use the word “scrutinize” and “etc” to emphasize the possibility of many undocumented forces, entities etc that can be found in an empty room.

“So “energy, force, power, spirits are not “things”? Energy, force and power can be thought of as the same thing. Spirits on the other hand are hypothetical things for which no evidence exists.”

“..can be thought of...”It is how you see it, can electric energy be called an electric force? 

Spirits on the other hand is a different story, they do exist and I didn’t lump it together with energy, force and power. It’s not a force of nature but an entity that possesses energy, force and power....that’s it.

If you want proof then you are most welcome to go to Samoa and maybe go camping in the mountains and you will find your proof there.

“I would recommend for laymen who want to catch up with the current state of the art with regard to our understanding of the natural world”

Once again, I suggest that you do some “googling” to understand everything you have dismissed about the Book of Genesis or the Bible. 

You can’t just ignore evidence already uncovered by science, which can testify to the accuracy of the Bible.


Le Mafa P.

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