Thoughts on inter-island air travel

By Hyunsook Siutaia 25 September 2020, 10:00AM

Moli Atoa, Vaitele, 34

That is a very good move and I’m behind it all the way because it will be beneficial in times of any immediate emergencies because we cannot really depend on the boat because it takes more than an hour to travel between the islands.


Makaio Na Chong. Lalovaea, 47

I support it because I am concerned about our people who are sick in Savaii and the plane is the best option to bring them over because if they come by boat, by the time they get here it would’ve been too late or something could happen. It can also be beneficial for our doctors here in Upolu to quickly travel over to Savaii to either perform a surgery and then fly back to Upolu.



Taito Tito Siaosi, Apia, 37

Oh well, that is very appropriate! I reckon travelling by boat is much more affordable than travelling by place but personally I think travelling by plane to and from Savaii is highly appropriate and recommended especially if it’s an emergency. For instance; if someone in Savaii has a heart attack and there is a need for a doctor in Upolu then that’s where I think we need a plane. I think this is a 100% movement between Upolu and Savaii. I’m all in it for emergencies; we can go by boat but if it’s the case of an emergency then a plane is highly needed. It’s great but maybe the fares can be reduced a bit.



Tauilo Ieremia, Iva, 24

Oh yes, I believe it’s very nice and necessary! It is what we had always needed for emergencies. Also, most elderlies get sea-sick really badly especially during rough seas so if the weather is bad for a whole week then they wouldn’t be able to travel between the islands but travelling by plane will be the best option for them.


Lolesio Silao, Moa Moa, 30

Personally I’d support it if the fares are affordable compared to the boat fares, however, I think it will be a benefit for people who are constantly travelling between the islands.



Maseiva Tima, Laulii, 50

It’s great! It will help the Samoa Shipping Company in terms of taking people to and from between the two islands. I support it so that there would be two ways of travelling especially if there are any emergencies such as funerals and sudden accidents.



By Hyunsook Siutaia 25 September 2020, 10:00AM

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