Which God is your God?

Which God is your God?

Dear Editor

Re: New Head of State

What a shock when one friend texted me we already have a new Head of State, 

I thought my friend must be dreaming or what, and plus I didnt buy a paper, but then I finally heard on talofa fm that this is a true story.  

Man I did not know that there is a bill passed already that this position can be changed. 

Alas I listened to Talofa FM programme sponsored by sooula and they allowed the public to make some comments about the change of our Head of State, and almost all callers disagreed with this bill. 

Some few callers maybe 2 said it is from God, and I thought kalofae  this is a common phrase in our government, it is a calling from God. 

But when I listened to the news about the prime minister and I thought well it’s a common phrase to cover up their greediness, 

How can you say the spirit of God is whispering and how do we believe what you said?

Please this Head of State was voted in by your HRPP not God willing or spirit whispering kiga kaliga le kou fai excuses seiloga o vale ga leiloa lea o kou polokiki ga e fai,

Stop using God’s name , use your name if you want to - not a problem if you use your name or your HRPP name fair enough, because we cannot prove that that election is from God. 

Anyway even my two grandchildren heard this news on TV 1 and said some comments and one is 8yrs and the other is 6yrs 

They called my niece whether she heard a story, this is what my niece told me what my grandchildren called in Samoan,,, 

Ga e faalogo ise kala, ga e faalogo ise kala, 

My niece didn’t understand what they asked until they said Auoi ua sui le Head of State. 

So what can we say now even our grandchildren can tell something going on is wrong.  

Soia koe kaua le suafa ole atua e pupugi ai kou polokiki, ma soia kou fai mai soo o pule uma mai le akua, 

It’s very common in Samoa to say this phrase ... all authority or leaders are from God.... 

How about leaders of Syria and other corrupt countries are they all from God, and plus which god is your god?



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