This is absurd

Re: Threat to shoot P.M. unnecessary. It’s illegal and shameful

We all know that the voting system in Samoa favours the HRPP so the idea of people coming to Samoa to vote is extremely senseless to say the least. 

We, from overseas are providing an “Honest” service to Samoa by providing Remittance and Foreign Aid, the least we expect from Samoans in Samoa is to exercise decency by choosing their leaders but you can’t even do that. 

Now you want us to come and vote out HRPP but where are your Christian values and Democratic proficiency that should have guide you when making that decision? This is absurd!

Papa Tui had been “hurling insulting words and threatening remarks” at everyone anywhere. Have you forgotten already his barbaric intention to annihilate the population with an atomic bomb? 

There are so many integrity violations in his administration which involves mismanagement of money and resources which are clear violations of Democratic principles and Christian principles but you still want people to curtail their frustrations and respect a rude individual that does not respect Democratic and Christian principles? 

Are you a Christian, Mr. Editor?

If you are then you should focus on the big picture like a professional and address the reasons why citizens of Samoa are turning against their so-called elected leader. 

Read the Bible and you will understand that we have already being warned about “consequences” we suffer under bad leadership and it’s happening right now right under your nose. 

Consider the countless unnecessary deaths in the hospitals but yet so much money is lost through government corruption, which could have saved a lot of lives. Thirty years of HRPP with no justice in sight is unchristian, undemocratic and evil and that should always be the conversation. If we lower our standard by accepting the evil under HRPP by saying “That’s OK. It’s expected.” 

Then why do you talk about Christianity and Democracy?


Le Mafa P.

Samoa Observer

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