The world is in a mess

Dear Editor, 

Re: Genesis, divine in humanity as indigenous people

Thank you Ale for a well-written article that is factual in the course of history as we see more evidence of it playing out in our beloved country of Samoa, as we know history always repeats itself.

It takes a “Toa-mua” with guts to speak the truth as I’ve been relentless in trying to shed some light on the plight of Christianity as a geo-political instrument usurped around the world by the Western world as a cover for political and economic domination for their own corporate interests.

They have co-opted our own people to accept their fiction that is well hidden in their dogma to manipulate us to go along with it knowing it very well that we the indigenous people are very spiritual people to suit their own hidden agenda. 

No one ever questions how these ideas and concepts came about because we were heavily dosed with their indoctrination and propaganda.

You have articulated your argument with pinpoint accuracy of how Church and State are of the same. 

Using ecclesiastical law and their Canon law to enslave the masses. 

As I said before “ nothing in this world works the way we think it does.” 

A famous quote comes to mind by Michael Ellner,”Just look at, everything is backwards, everything is upside down, Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrist destroy minds, scientist destroy truth, major media destroys information, religion destroys spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”


Leituala Roger B

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