Fa'aso'otauloa eyes seat in Parliament

Fa'aso'otauloa Malosi, a 61-year-old from Saleaula, says he is following his heart by deciding to contest next year’s general election. 

Last week, the father of four was accompanied by matai from Saleaula at the ruling Human Rights Protection Party (H.R.R.P.) headquarters to register as a candidate.

He is hoping to represent Gagaemauga No.1 in the next Parliamentary term after the April poll. 

Asked about what inspired him to put up his hand for the election, Fa'aso'o said:

"This is what I felt in my heart and I am following the spiritual whisper.”

The Gagaemauga No. 1 constituency consists of the villages of Patamea, Samalaeulu, Mauga, and Saleaula.

It will be the first time Saleaula has been incorporated into the Gagaemauga No. 1 constituency. 

While Fa'aso'o said he is unfazed by the other candidates, who have also put up their hand to contest for the seat, he understands that the election race is not going to be easy. 

"I am not nervous or worried," he said.  "I understand it will not be easy, but I am prepared for it. Win or lose, the choice is up to God and the constituents. If this is God's will for me to be elected as the M.P. for our constituency, then it will happen. If not, then I will accept whatever the outcome will be."

(The seat is currently held by the Minister of Tourism Sala Fata Pinati). 

As an inspiring politician, Fa'aso'o has a long list of developments on his campaign platform. 

But agriculture is on top of his list of priorities. 

"As a farmer myself, I truly believe that if we work the land, we will never starve and our economy will thrive,” he said. 

"We need to develop the agricultural sector more so we do not have to rely on imported goods to survive. 

"Samoa has been blessed with lands and natural resources, we just need to push our people to make good use of the natural resources we have to help us earn money, and to provide for our families. And if our families are well-developed, then we need not worry about the future of this country. 

"As we have seen since the lockdown, people were forced to go back and work the land in order to provide for their families."

But Fa'aso'o is hoping to fight to win back the seat for Saleaula in Parliament. 

"I know it's complicated as it has been passed in Parliament, but that is one of the things I want to fight for in Parliament, to try and win back our seat,” he said. 

Fa'aso'o says his campaign pitch to voters is based on a variety of pitches to voters: 

"People should vote for me because I am a lay preacher," he said, in response to questions from Samoa Observer. 

"I am good at making decisions and I am a leader myself. I am an orator from Saleaula, I understand the needs and wants of the people and individual families, and I want to highlight and address those needs and wants should I succeed in the upcoming election. 

"I'm quite experienced when it comes to decision making and also in calming any situations."

Fa'aso'o said the village of Saleaula has kindly accepted his wish to contest the election. 

"I have presented my will to the village and was accepted by the village and that's why the matai is here to register my name as a candidate for the election,” he said. 

Fa'aso'o said he decided to register as a candidate for H.R.P.P. because he believes they have done a marvelous job in developing Samoa and his village over the years. 

"We have always been supportive of the government and their projects,” he said. 

"That is why I decided to run as a candidate for H.R.P.P." 

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