My Samoa, wake up!

Dear Editor,

A very good warning from Vaovasa Winston Peters. History has a very good track record of what happens when the International Bankers through the UN offers poor countries help through developments and financial aid. 

Impose the Torrens System and “regis” land as in registrations which is involuntary signing off your rights of ownership to the “big daddy” government not consciously but through their trickery laws as stewardship to look after your property. 

It is a form of Maritime Admiralty Law which is an old Roman Law that is based on Ecclesiastical and Canon law. 

The old Samoan reasoning, “ E mana’o ile ufi ae fefe ile papa.” 

Is not valid anymore according to the actions of the govt. 

Ua mana’o ile ufi toe le fefe ile papa. 

The enticement from outside money for developments has forced the govt. to change the 1965 law to make it easy to lease customary land in defiance of its consequences. 

The end results have been witnessed by our brothers and sisters from neighboring islands, landless and homeless in their own country. 

On another matter and in response to Nanai’s letter titled “About the Government’s response to the issue of customary lands. Part II,” I want to say this. What’s new with church and state cahoots together to enslave the people by lying and using God fearing tactics to dumb them down while they ransack and exploit their rights to their land. God, money and politics have been used by the ruling Elites to control the world for thousands of years. 

They’ve exported their geopolitical agenda around the world through religion for global dominance and by doing so opening the door for their International banking Industry through their collective group of investors mandated under the UN under the guise of helping under developed countries. 

When in fact none of the majority of the people in any of these countries benefited from these deals but only a handful of corrupt govt. officials. Samoa was inducted in the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.) in May 12 2012 after meeting “certain criteria” as mandated by the organization. 

Hmmm, I wonder what criteria were these? 

Maybe land reforms were one of them to open up Samoa for the big players of International investors with big bugs to invest in Samoa and used our land as collateral. The true sense of a win--lose instead of win, win! 

It’s time to repeal the L.T.R.A. act of 2008.

My countrymen wake up and do something before it’s too late.


Leituala Roger B.

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