Father driven by dreams of a better future

Uoka Pesaleli has dreams for his family.

The 26-year-old father from Lepale Fasito’o uta wants his children to grow up, be educated and have a good future.

Speaking to the Village Voice, Uoka said it is that dream that drives him to do his best for his family. This includes working hard even though he doesn’t feel like doing it sometimes.

 “Nobody likes working hard but in this day and age, we have to,” he said.

“Why? For the sake of our families of course. If we provide them enough to make a comfortable home; they will always feel that home is the only place they can find peace.”

There is no doubt about Uoka making his family his top priority.

He’s a farmer trying to do his best everyday to sell whatever he gets from his fruit and vegetables patch.

“I just focus on working in my plantation and make a living out of it if they become well and developed.

“I sell my papayas here in our village because I see a lot of people families and drivers passing by here this area so I always make a little money everyday. For me it’s not much but I’m thankful that I at least have something to buy food for the family.

“I mean I don’t care about working hard; my responsibility right now is to work hard so that my family can have a better life than now. Everday I work in this little patch knowing that this will provide my children a better life one day.

“We depend on this plantation and this is our life and just at the Prime Minister has said; this is where a lot of our money comes from if we know how to make it work and more developed. The earth holds our wealth.”

According to Uefa, it has only been a year since he was trying to make everything come to life. It took a lot of effort and a lot of time but it’s good to finally see things growing.

“I know that nothing is easy to get anymore. So if you’re the type to just sit around and do nothing; expect to face a world of starvation. 

“How you work, how much effort you put into your work gets you the money you need and gets you where you need to be.

“But eventhough I’m one of the many people that are earning a little from our work, I like to think that this is only the beginning.

“I have a purpose to work and that is to be able to earn enough to put food on the table for the people that matters.”

Uoka said he had just started planting the Samoan koko and other vegetables to develop his plantation more.

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