Nurses' leadership training covers Upolu, Savai'i

By Hyunsook Siutaia 15 August 2020, 3:00PM

A Nursing Programme designed to promote transformational leadership to address gender inequalities, social changes and leadership challenges ended on Friday at the Sheraton Samoa Conference room. 

It was the last of four training sessions for professional nurses and midwives, which covered 92  participants from Upolu and Savai'i.

The former General Manager of National Health Services, Palanitina Toelupe, who facilitated the training, said the participants who attended at the start wanted to know the connection between transformational leadership and their jobs.

“As we went along with examples and activities, they started to appreciate the in depth of the process to recognise their own inner strengths and the fears that have hampered their dreams and developments and become more confident practitioners,” she said.

“They were very most appreciative and at the end of four days there was definitely an open mindedness that was visible to learn more and recognize the better side of things.” 

 The participants were most appreciative at the end of the training and there was an end result of open-mindedness that was visible to learn more and recognize the better side of things. 

“Everyone had developed a break-through initiative and these are their own initiatives in areas where they feel they can work on,” Palanitina said

“I encourage them to continue doing educational programs where they do a lot of sharing. 

“They know their knowledge, their skills but they are focusing more on their values to make a difference.”

Palanitina said that she feels very relieved that the program has come to an end but she was very worried that she wouldn’t meet her target audience. 

The context of the training also focused on how they will cope in situations which are beyond their control but at least they’ll be able to identify ways of doing things.

They will no longer be afraid and will no longer see the COVID-19 as a dread but as an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills and be able to do a better service despite the challenges that tit brings. 

Tinei Tuilagi who is a senior nurse specialist in the medical ward and was a participant of the training on its last day said that it has been a very great lesson for them all throughout the four days.

“It’s been a good wakeup call and allowed us to be open about the challenges that we were afraid of and has held us back from delivering the service that we ought to deliver,” she said 

“It has taught us to lead and deliver our service with honesty, love and humility.”


By Hyunsook Siutaia 15 August 2020, 3:00PM
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