Financial institutions that favour capitalists

Dear Editor,

Re: The key to a country’s prosperity is to create jobs. It’s that simple

They are a threat but so is any neo liberal financial institution that favours the capitalists, especially the disaster capitalists that prey on poor indebted countries after a natural disaster, which will become more and more frequent in Samoa with climate change. 

The disaster capitalist made a fortune in Haiti after their last big earthquake. Canadian provinces just sold nestles ground water that is bubbling from the earth for pennies. 

This water was free too which was the Canadian Premiers rational for selling it to this multinational for just pennies for millions of litres. They, “said, we sold it to them for this ridiculously minuscule amount of money because water should not be a commodity”. 

I’m sure the Canadian premier got some kind of kickback and you can be sure that nestles is buying it because they are going to turn it into a commodity. This premier was voted out in our last election. 

Unfortunately you don’t have this same option to vote out the crooks in your government like we do in Canada. If you think the water falling from the sky will not become a commodity, think again. 

I’d also be highly suspicious of the IMFs recent glowing report of Samoa’s indebtedness due to disaster capitalism One of their main methods of getting control of all the resources in a poor country. 

They indebt you, wait for a disaster and then force you to privatize everything that gives your government any ability to make money and have autonomy. The IMF, disaster capitalists are coming to get Samoa’s rainwater, their solar energy and their land. 

You mark my word on this one. The reason you still have any of these things while no other indigenous culture does is that they just never wanted it before.


Wendy Wonder 

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