Correcting mistakes

Think a minute…What do you usually do when you make a mistake? If you’re doing a math problem in school and your answer is wrong, what do you do? Don’t you just go back, find your mistake and fix it? 

Or when you realize you’re on the wrong road to the market, don’t you just turn around and take the right road? In fact, the person who turns around the soonest is the smartest, because he doesn’t waste anymore of his time and energy going the wrong way. 

There is nothing smart about being too proud and stubborn to admit we’ve made a mistake.

Since God created life, He is the only One Who knows the right way through it. 

That’s why God the Son came to show us the right road. Jesus came to show us how to live the correct way that works, so we could be happy and successful. 

He showed us how to have healthy, happy relationships; how to teach and love our children; how to enjoy a satisfying marriage for a lifetime; and how to use our special abilities to reach our full potential in our job and career. 

Jesus shows us the honest, loving heart and character He created us all to have. 

He showed that if our heart is ruled by His strong and loving character, then we will genuinely love others and not use them or hurt them.

It makes no sense to ask 2 plus 2 to equal 5. Just like it makes no sense to ask God to change the facts of right and wrong, only so you and I can live our own wrong way. 

Think: what if just this one time God let me do the wrong thing I want to do? Then how would I feel if God let someone else do that same wrong thing to me or my family? Jesus shows us His right ways for our own happiness, not to be strict and take all the fun out of life. Jesus came to forgive us and show us the successful, satisfying life He created us for. 

So if you’ve not been living for Jesus Christ, you can do the smart thing today: just admit that your way of living is wrong, and ask Jesus to take full charge of your life. It’s only when we start living our Maker’s way that we can start enjoying His good life—the way it’s made to work. 

Just Think a Minute …

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