Justice has prevailed indeed

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to PC Fuiavailili Egon Keil, his lawyer Leiataua Komisi Koria and his team. Malo le onosai - the Truth has prevailed as it always does. 

And congratulations too to the public for finally your collective voice has been heard - PC Egon’s victory is your victory too. 

Thank you also to Justice Mata Tuatagaloa and the Prosecutor for being honest and not being influenced by the H.R.P.P’s corrupt motives.

When PC Egon first got arrested, I wrote numerous letters and threads on social media too criticizing the police, lawyers and govt members who were behind the 200+ fabricated charges against PC Egon – I called them all a bunch of dumb, uneducated fools. 

But when the Attorney General announced that he would be bringing in an experienced Prosecutor from NZ to prosecute PC Egon, I was very happy because it will take an experienced and educated lawyer to see where I was coming from.

They brought in the first Prosecutor who happened to be a Samoan from NZ. He threw all the charges against PC Egon out of court – then the police turned around and charged PC Egon with 200+ more charges against him. It was clearly a desperate act.

Then they brought in another legal expert/law specialist whose being around the world prosecuting people - that made me a lot happier as I knew this case with 200+ charges against PC Egon will be thrown out of court again, and that the whole world will get to see how dumb and uneducated the lawyers and their cronies who were behind these fabricated charges.

You’d have to be dumb and blind not to see that this case against PC Egon was politically motivated and it was pure vendetta - the Cabinet could’ve stepped in and put a stop to it and saved the nation a $Million but they didn’t.

They could’ve looked at the public’s outcry in support of their PC Egon and their reaction against this case, and throw this case out - but they didn’t. As the Prosecutor said, “The public interest was not met and never was and to proceed with the charges will be manifestly not in the public interest.”

The interest of the public was ignored. Everything is about the Public’s interest – not your stupid personal and H.R.P.P.’s corrupt interest.

The Cabinet also could’ve read the numerous letters/threads I wrote about this case where I mentioned that there were no solid evidence to prove these charges against PC Egon and withdraw all charges and take it from there. It was very simple. How many threads did I write about many incidents and they always come true? 100%.

My advice to the H.R.P.P. is that if you have problems with how to run this country, read my threads, learn from them and do exactly what I ask you to do for the sake and best interest of the people. 

Your ignorance and egotistic mentalities do not serve the people. I know you’re reading everything I’ve written but you’re not listening and in the end, you always look stupid.

I’ve said many times that 1000 people who believe in a lie against one person who tells the Truth, does not make the lie become the Truth. The lie still remains as a lie and the Truth will always be the Truth. 

As a member of the public and in the interest of the Public, I call on Cabinet to allow PC Egon to have one week off with pay to prepare himself and for him to be reinstated back to his job immediately afterwards. It’s the least you can do after what your govt put him through. Now let’s wait and see what the govt and police next moves will be.


Mebahel Raguel 

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