Fake news, Prime Minister Tuilaepa and garbage

Dear Editor,

Fake news is everywhere every day every so long and one had to stay calm not hysteria as only small fishes jump at every sprinkle in the water.

But the honourable Prime Minister of the country has a point about what is not news concocted by the media shtick to sell; such as the claims by Unasa Iuni Sapolu. What she said is nothing but fake news.

Taking the government; for the people by the people to court 10 years after the law was passed? She is so juvenile.

The appeal court already ruled Samoa Parliament is the supreme law of Samoa no court has any jurisdictions on as per Su’a Rimoni Ah Chong vs government 1995.

For as long as 2/3rd majority of Parliament endorsement, can amend the Constitution and pass laws is the lawful from the legal fraternity; not the bush lawyers.

Your editorial is nothing but a pesky hogwash to fill the pages and arouse the opposition view to sell. The editor’s conscious has been drowned by the manifested attitudes and ethos.

With what you had referred to Sir: After the events of the past couple of days in Samoa, we can confidently say they love the use of the term “fake news” surely had convinced me you are still being hounded by the goodies of the festive season, and I can only urge you to please share me what you had consumed? 

“What do Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi and the U.S. President Donald Trump have in common?”

Well! Besides being from the same planet and if the aliens ever invades; we all are in the same team...

“After the events of the past couple of days in Samoa, we can confidently say they love the use of the term “fake news.”

Oh! That! Sir, you are fake news but them. I would not dare take them at face value for the use of, fake news.

“Which is precisely what happened. With the protests and everything that followed, it’s been quite a week, certainly an interesting way to start 2019.

“What’s been said and written this past week, are only the latest in a long history of different and contradicting opinions expressed by experts and ordinary members of the public, about this issue.

“Which is great because it shows that the people of this country are concerned enough about what’s happening, and they are taking a stand. It’s a healthy development and a normal part of democracy.

Indeed; people of this country are definitely concerned when the media reports news that are supposedly never news and are being referred to as fake news hence, a law passed 10 years ago and is dead stale.

What is so news about this please, Mr. Editor Mata’afa Keni Lesā and Samoa Observer? This is smelly stuff. The law was passed 10 years ago so be it.

“Of course no one likes a protest – especially if you are the target.”

So one likes a protest did you say? Did you really say this Sir?

Maybe you don’t like it but the fact of matters, the honourable Prime Minister of Samoa and I loved it. I love protests. It is the fact of life. But always, only the fools would do that.

Of course it is garbage. It is rubbish. You want to know why Mr. Editor? Because of course actions speak louder than words.

Even your good self and Gato’aitele Savea Porotesano Malifa had said and endorsed the honourable prime minister of Samoa and my H.R.P.P. government had done to develop Samoa.

That so being the reason why the honourable prime minister of my country, Fatialofa ‘Auelua Tuila’epa Lupesoli’ai Lolofie Neioti Galumalemana ‘Aiono Chief Logohu the Bird of Paradise Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi is Samoa Observer Person of 2018.

He is the One and Only, the Chosen One. Amen! Alleluia!


Tofaeono Joe Hollywood 

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