Are tsunami drills done in your village?

Manu Suemai, 76, Aleipata

Our village is prepared for any warnings. There is a path in the village where people take when a tsunami warning is announced. Those roads are easily accessed by the people of the village. There are sirens in the village to warn the people about the situation. The people know what to do when they hear the siren. We wouldn't know when a tsunami will happen so we always listen for the siren to know if anything is about to happen. Once we hear the siren then we know what is going to happen.

Leati Sufia, 60, Aleisa

Our village is well prepared to evacuate to higher ground when there is a tsunami warning is issued. We should pray to the Lord every day for protection. If we pray to the Lord every day he will help us and we will be safe.

Telesia Ioane, 60, Siumu

Villages are well prepared for any tsunami warnings. The tsunami that happened in 2009 has taught us that we should be prepared for things like this. Our village does not usually have any Tsunami drills. There are now sirens in our village so if anything happens. We are well prepared for this type of situation.

Lafolafoga Peni, 73, Salelologa

People know what to do when they hear the siren in the village. It will let us know if anything is going to happen. There aren't any tsunami drills in my village. People should be prepared for this type of situation because we never know what might happen, so I think tsunami drills should be done for our safety.

Noa Tiatia, 54, Siumu

We should follow what the Government has told us to do during these situations, especially families who are living next to the sea. People should think about this and use the advise that the Government has given them. Some people wait until they see it and they will start doing what is supposed to be done. The tsunami in 2009 affected a lot of people, people nowadays start moving once they hear the siren. The children should also be aware of what to do during this situation.

Tuli Fetaui, 60, Samata

Our country is prepared because it has happened to us before. There hasn't been anyone coming to our village to demonstrate tsunami drills. A tsunami drill should be done every month in the village and people should go to the villages to demonstrate what is to be done especially the villages far away from Apia.

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