Beauty pageants and benefits for Samoa

Dear Editor,


Re: Beauty pageants 

and obligations 

This was a very good and interesting read. I too would prefer to read a book over listening and chatting about pageants because despite what they advertise, in the end they are only “beauty” pageants. 

However, when Ms. Auva’a entered the Miss World competition I had become interested. I watched and marveled at her accomplishments and watched how Samoa supported her. 

My interest didn’t last long of course as I later read about Miss World Canada being refused entry into the country by the Chinese government as she spoke out about China’s ill treatment of those who share her religion. 

The Miss World organization did not confirm, issue a statement or apologize to Miss World Canada - they only invited her to participate in the 2016 pageant. So that is proof enough these pageants do not “empower women” but are schemes to bring in tourists and showcase the best parts of the host country to the world. 

As for the Miss Samoa, it is also a beauty pageant showcasing the fashion designers portfolio and perhaps providing fame for the contestants. 

The government have said that the pageant entices tourists to come to Samoa. I don’t see how it does when the pageant isn’t advertised or broadcasted on a big scale overseas, there are no international fashion designers competing. 

The only people traveling to Samoa for the pageants are the family members, friends and support group of the contestants. 

Come to think of it the tourists who come to Samoa do not spend much and are only backpackers. I think Samoa’s main source of income is the money sent to Samoa by relatives overseas. So what is the use of the pageants?


O la’u lua sefulu sege 

lega mo legei aso.


Less Mannie 

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