Should repatriation flights be stopped?

By Marc Membrere 18 July 2020, 11:00AM

Sulupo Paka, 56, Saleaumua

I know that New Zealand can't let them stay there anymore. If this type of behavior is shown then that is not good. They are drinking and fighting and that is not nice. It is good to bring them back home because they all want to come back home but New Zealand wants them to return home because there are no jobs so how are they going to survive there? I have heard that the seasonal workers don't have jobs anymore but they were waiting for a flight and an opportunity to be on that flight to come home. I want the Samoans to come back home because they might get affected by the disease but they should be checked by doctors and stay within the quarantine area. Due to the fight that happened at the quarantine site, now people are being stopped from bringing in alcohol when they return to Samoa. The Government should pay for the quarantine costs. The reason why people leave the country is to earn money for our families but if they are to pay for the quarantine costs then they will lose a lot of money. The Government should help these people.

Tutoatasi Taiulu, 58, Letui

Many people are facing financial difficulties so they should be brought back home. In terms of what is happening at the quarantine sites, we can use this to establish new rules at the quarantine site. If a problem caused by alcohol happens or someone escapes the quarantine site then there should be rules about this so that people who are going to be in quarantine would know what to do and what not to do. They aren't patient because they want to visit their families, they should be patient until the 14-day quarantine is finished. I think the Government should pay for the quarantine costs because they were the ones that gave the opportunity to these people to travel overseas. People don't just leave the country, they looked for people to work overseas.

Vaisa Vaoesea, 41, Aufaga

They should continue the repatriation flights but for those who are causing these problems, it would be nice to not give them the chance to take part in these groups that travel overseas for employment. We all want to help our family for a better future but if these type of problems happen then they shouldn't be given this opportunity of going overseas for employment should be given to someone else because there are a lot of people who want opportunities like this. I know that this will be a lesson for them. 

Ichikawa Paulo, 28, Vaitele

They shouldn't stop the flights, it should be continued. They only allow the people who will show good behavior at the quarantine sites because some of these people have caused problems at the quarantine site. The jobs that these people have done overseas has helped their families. The Government should pay for the quarantine costs because people are facing difficulties because of the disease.

Toeupu Gafa, 42, Nuu Fou

I think they should come home because they are not citizens of those countries, they are Samoan citizens. They should pay for the quarantine costs if they are not following the rules they were supposed to follow at the quarantine sites.

Iulia Laulu, 54, Falealili

They should stop the repatriation flights because if someone brings the disease in Samoa then it will affect our country. The borders should remain closed and all flights should be stopped. New Zealand is affected by the disease and this is where the people in quarantine came from. So if someone escapes quarantine then what would we do? That would affect the whole country. They should pay for their own quarantine costs because the Government is facing a lot of difficulties now because of the disease.

By Marc Membrere 18 July 2020, 11:00AM

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