Marine reserves impress visitors

By Emily Dunn 17 June 2017, 12:00AM

Bound for the south coast of Upolu, retired couple Pam Salmon, aged 71, and husband Geoff aged 67, stopped to express their gratitude to the Samoan people. 

During their sixteen day holiday here in Samoa, they have experienced unprecedented hospitality.

Pam said the “people are so friendly, it’s just amazing. Everyone speaks, and will go out of their way to speak to you.” 

She was shocked at the culture and how strangers “would do anything for you.”

This has undoubtedly been Pam’s favourite aspect of her stay, as she states “the wonderful and friendly people have been nothing but helpful.” 

With their hotel chef currently away, this has been of paramount importance, as the couple have been inundated with helpful suggestions of quality places to dine. 

The locals were also eager to show the couple the Giant Clam Reserve near Valasi’s Beach Fales. Pam commented “they’re fantastic! There were some scientists out there collecting data and they showed us exactly where they were.”

The protection and ensured sustainability of marine life here in Samoa is something taken very seriously; both the locals and authorities endeavour to maintain its beauty. 

Near the reserve, the couple indulged in fried taro in the café and “three cups of the tea here” Pam laughed.  The fresh produce has impressed as they tasted the Yacht club’s fried fish and pork during the week. Both come highly recommended by the pair. 

So too does their hotel. The Eden’s Edge Hotel on Togafu’afu’a Road, Apia, is home to “comfortable beds, nice warm showers, friendly people and great breakfasts” said Pam.

As avid swimmers, Samoa is their ideal destination; “we’ve driven all the roads around and today we are going across the mountains to stay in some Fales” Geoff added. This will provide the easy access to their much loved hobby. “I’m really looking forward to getting into the water.” They won’t be disappointed, as Lalomanu is famous for its luxurious beaches and warm waters. 

They came to Samoa to escape the snows of Dunedin, New Zealand. “We’ve been to Fiji a few times but never Samoa, but I would definitely recommend a visit!” The lack of promotion of the island in New Zealand has shocked Pam considering the beauty of Samoa.

By Emily Dunn 17 June 2017, 12:00AM

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