Woman's house burgled and trashed

A mother and Letogo resident, whose house was broken into and trashed by thieves, before they took off with $3,000 worth of stolen properties, has expressed concerns about the growing number of break ins and theft incidents in Samoa.

Prominent sports administrator, Nynette Sass, said she is extremely concerned that one of these days, someone could be killed when they are caught in the act.

“One of the concerns I have with this growing number of break-ins and burglaries is the fact that one day the people who own the properties will end up shooting or hurting someone badly,  which can very well happen," she said during an interview with the Samoa Observer. 

"That is one of the dangers of all these crime. The sad thing is that it continues to be growing in numbers and you see a lot more people’s homes being broken into and it all goes with domestic violence and all these things. We talk so much about these things but we don’t walk the talk and put it into good practice."

Ms. Sass was approached for a comment after her home was broken into on Monday night. It was not the first time thieves have attacked the Letogo property which sits on a hill with lovely views of the lagoon and the ocean.

The thieves took off with cameras, watches, and other electronic gadgets valued at $3,000. The cost does not include the damage they inflicted on her property and the equipment -including security cameras - she has had to install to protect her home.

“I drove into the garage and saw all these burnt papers scattered on the ground,” she said.

She immediately noticed the door of her pick up truck slightly ajar and later found they took the car's stereo system. 

“I had the sense that they were in a real hurry or there was a lot of anger in the way the stuff were thrown around," she said. 

 “I thought not again, I was hoping they haven’t gotten in the house but as soon as I put the key to the door, it just opened. They tried to burn the door using pieces of paper, now I had to pay for costs to repair".

Ms. Sass said she was gutted to walk through the rooms of her house and found them all trashed.

"It has taken two days to clean up the rooms and sort out the stuff."

Ms. Sass contacted the Police, they turned up and took some photos of the damages.

What has given her hope is the amount of support she has received from different people and her friends.

“They have been supporting me morally but I put it on Facebook to try and solicit help in getting information for the perpetrators. I am hopeful that it will be resolved."

This was not the first time a burglary occurred at Ms. Sass’s home.

“For me, I have had a number of incidents before, the last one three years ago of perpetrators was caught on camera.

“But I like my peace and privacy and this is freehold and privately owned so it really invades your space, and it’s not a very nice feeling when you know people are rummaging around in your space.

“The certain amount of anger that comes along with it and if someone is quick to anger, I am sure they are quick to do some harm on the perpetrators. I don’t want to waste my time and life down that road.”

The concerned Letogo resident highlighted that the security systems is a growing market.

“I think every Samoan will want a security in place within their properties.

“There is so much disrespect and the sense of entitlement that a lot of our young people have. I don’t know how they were raised; I think it’s one of the things that society has to answer for – it’s the upbringing of our people.

“I am very conscious of it; these generations were not born out of nothing, they were born and raised by people like us, so it is how we raise the young generation that they come out and think that they have the sense of entitlement.”

Ms. Sass added that there seems to be a lot of resentment as well for some people who see others who have the things they don’t have.

“My advice is, if you want to make it on your own, go get an education, grow up and you can make it," she said.

“But don’t expect to drop out of school at early age and then think you can live off everyone.”

Attempts to get a comment from the Police were unsuccessful.

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