Pace of life in Samoa the perfect rhythm

By Nefertiti Matatia 17 March 2018, 12:00AM

Jessica Kuo and Thomas Double found their perfect rhythm in Samoa.

Coming from New Zealand, they chose Samoa to find peace and get away from the busy life.

They have only been together for three months and to them, sitting under Samoa’s palm trees and enjoying the scenery is a perfect escape. 

Jessica lives in Hamilton while Thomas stays further south in Dunedin, but love knows no boundaries, they say.

This is their first time in Samoa and they are excited to explore more.

“The scenery is amazing and we went down to the city earlier. It is very different from New Zealand. I recently just quit my job and this trip has certainly given me the opportunity to breathe from the past two years of chaos.

“We have never been anywhere else in the Pacific. We just want some peace and quiet, away from the busyness and just be on the beach, the pool and just relax and Samoa provides just that,” said Jessica.

It will only be a short holiday for the couple before they head back home. 

They are making every moment count, while they are here.

“It really looked like a really good place and I think it was bigger than what we have expected and it is a lot newer as well. We have not tried out any of the food, but we are excited since I love food a lot.

“The travel agent recommended Samoa. They told us it was a really good place. We will figure out what to do in the next few days, maybe some hiking and things like that.

 “We just arrived on Wednesday and we will be leaving this Sunday to go back home. 

“We suspected that there will be a lot of coconut trees and also so many beaches, but definitely not this, it is so amazing,” she said.

The Samoan smiley faces have made them feel welcomed and not even the heat was able to stop them from enjoying their trip. 

“My favorite colour is blue, the ocean is blue and the sky is blue too. It is a very peaceful colour, but if it’s going to be brighter blue, then it is a cheerful colour and it describes me.

“Orange is his favorite colour, because it is exciting and it is always in your face all the time. He is from the Netherlands.

“Both of our favorite colours are found here, a great combo when the sun sets on the ocean and we get to watch it,” Jessica adds.

By Nefertiti Matatia 17 March 2018, 12:00AM

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