The true state of play in Samoa

Dear Editor

Thank you Fiu Mataese for your wonderful contribution on the issue of customary lands.

Our independent State of Samoa has been Corporatized by the International bankers of the world; A.D.B., I.M.F., World Bank AIIB etc. under the watchful eye of the UN. 

That’s why I’ve been saying all along that all public service departments have their C.E.Os now is because they are no longer rendering free services for the public but they’re doing it for profits now. 

Samoa has been incorporated and owned by these gutless people. What makes you think that every Tom Dick and Harry from any foreign countries are dropping in like flies from all over the world setting up their Embassy’s there in Samoa? 

Because Samoa has joined the W.T.O. and upgraded to a developed country status which means that they are now open for big businesses. 

“It’s a big CLUB and you ain’t in it.” 

Only the “stake holders” which are the Banks and the corporations that are shareholders in this new venture with the govt. that will benefit from it and not the people of Samoa. 

That’s is why if its not profitable for Corporate Samoa to install water and electricity for our poor families in the rural areas, they won’t do it. 

They will never drop a penny if land reforms were never imposed and that’s why our customary land is being leased out with the intention to mortgage it by the lease holder and used it as a financial instrument for collateralized purposes. 

If you don’t believe me read that book I’ve been telling you about. “The Confession of an Economic Hit man.” 

This is how the economic systems of the world work. And by the way, don’t give your water rights to the govt. that’s the next thing they will strip from your village and sell it back to you.


Leituala Roger B.

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