“The Albino Twins” coming soon

By Sarafina Sanerivi 25 October 2016, 12:00AM

Samoa continues to grow in the film and movie-making industry. 

Earlier this year, Samoa made headlines with the premier and the release of the “Three Wise Cousins” movie. 

But another exciting project is on the horizon with another movie put together by Samoans for the people of Samoa coming soon. 

Currently filming in Melbourne Australia is a movie called ‘The Albino Twins - Masaga Tetea.’

The film also looks at putting a spotlight and raising awareness on the Albino community.

The first block will wrap in the middle of December and then the final block (second half of the movie) will be filmed in January - February 2017 in Samoa.

Actor, Screenplay writer and producer, Pulotu Canada McCarthy, said the initiative was born three and a half years ago after a short trip to Samoa. 

“It all started back in 2012 – 2013,” said Pulotu.

 “It was at this time that I went to Samoa to do some research work for ‘the Mau and the Visitor’ play that I was writing at the time. While in Samoa, I met few people who wanted to tell me their life stories. They were credible stories and were ideal for screenplays and stage plays. 

“I recorded them all.”

And after three years of hard slog and working on the script, Pulotu proudly admitted that it was all worth it.  

 “We are now already into three weeks of filming the block one (1) in Melbourne. It’s a great feeling knowing our people will enjoy it when it’s all finished.”

And what inspired him to write this story?

“I was inspired to write and make this film after hearing the story of the twin brother and his mission of finding his albino twin sister in Australia and Samoa,” said Pulotu. 

“But I also wanted to create the awareness for the albino community all over the world and not just Samoa. The story line of the film is basically about an Albino Twins (Masaga Tetea - brother and sister - brother is normal looking and his sister, who happens to be albino) and was separated at birth in Samoa 35 years earlier. 

“The boy twin is normal looking and living the good life in Australia - while his sister who is albino is living a hard life and in poverty in Samoa.

“When David’s mother died suddenly of a heart attack in Australia, David found old letters and photos in his mother’s bedroom under the bed while cleaning her room - realized and discovered that he had a sister never knew existed and living somewhere in Samoa. So the journey begins with David going off to Samoa to find her.

“The journey takes David to all the hot spots in Samoa. Until he met a local Samoa tama’ita’i name Faye (played by Aumua Toafa Te’o McCarthy) who seduced him and become his comrade and close friend helping him to find his sister.

“The story took a turn in the end when the local tama’ita’i (Faye) is revealed her true self turning out to be David’s protector Nafanua.”

Pulotu admitted that like anything in life, there are always challenges and obstacles trying to put together the movie.

“Yes of course. There are always challenges when you’re putting something together of this magnitude. 

“The biggest challenge would have to be the money aspect. This is a self funded movie. The rest are minor challenges.”

As the crew is now filming the first block in Melbourne, they are looking at filming the second block of the movie in Samoa in February-March next year.

“The Melbourne block will finish filming in early December and then we will go into post production throughout December and January - then second block of the movie to be filmed in Samoa in February - March 2017.

“And we are looking at second half of the year 2017 for premier screening in Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.”

Asked about what we can expect from the movie, Pulotu replied saying, “be prepared to expect almost anything and roll with it.”


Who is involved?

Pulotu Canada Alofa McCarthy - (Writer, Producer & Director)

Aumua Toafa Teo McCarthy      - (Producer / Executive Producer)

Fou Charteris - (Executive Producer)

John Subritzky - (Australia Distribution)

Phillip Prasaad - (DOP)

Nataleigh Elzein - (FirstAD)



Pulotu Canada McCarthy, Aumua Toafa McCarthy, Danielle Robinson, Farrah Nanai Leausa, Sarah Natapu, Agnes Ese, Carol Matuauto, Keiran Buckingham, Ernie Ejsenbruk, Ivy Paisa Fitiao

By Sarafina Sanerivi 25 October 2016, 12:00AM

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