Truth will set you free

Dear Editor,

So here is the thing that irks me about reactions to public scrutiny - when letters to the paper hit the nail on the head, we see crazy reactions but no answers. 

Bravo for attempting to defend the regulator but stay away from God - He had no hand in that dumb decision. Why is there no public record of the regulator’s reasons for her decision on their website? 

Do you really think I exposed this issue without any research? 

Mr. Lolo, people like myself write to the Samoa Observer because it is the only avenue to raise public awareness of issues, which are important to Samoa’s development. Fine if this is what it takes to bring important things to the forefront, so be it - - Part 2 Telecommunications Act which anyone can find online tells us what the regulator can do. You should read section 8 closely; then Part 6 of that same Act tells us what kind of actions Bluesky and Digicel cannot engage in.

None of those parts give the regulator right to rule on commercial matters with no regulatory element - in fact, if you know your stuff, you will know it is best that the regulator stays well clear of contractual matters if no part of the law has been broken. Instead of seeing that, the regulator decides to do a little power tripping and now we have a bigger mess. You do understand that is the case right? 

Hello, of course I am annoyed (but don’t mistake that for bitterness or personal agendas). I am angry because this whole fiasco shows the obvious lack of competence in the Office of the Regulator. Come on, is it fair that we sit around and say nothing when government time and money is wasted? O tatou uma o vae ma lima o le atunuu!

Tell me Mr Lolo (who is so obviously ‘the’ woman), do you think it right that public money continues to be wasted because political appointments put people who are clueless in positions of authority? 

Do you think it fair that to protect their rights, Bluesky and/or Digicel have to pay $100,000 to appeal an order that obviously had no basis? And is it fair that Samoa tax payers like myself then have to fork out to pay for the assembling of a tribunal to decide on the regulator’s order when it should not have been issued in the first place? 

Is it really fair that as a customer I will eventually suffer the consequences because costs will trickle down to me (even you and the rest of Samoa) having to pay extra for services? Thanks a lot for looking out for us! Bravo for your goodness!

And since we are playing the pseudonyms game, you are welcome to stroll down to BDM Department to find out if I exist. And please, while you are there, you should ask them to correct the gender on your own birth certificate (ahem). 

Pat yourself on the back for defending the regulator but don’t be so vain as to think the truth will not come out. Since you mention Easter, don’t forget the ultimate message for this holiday is “Confession of the truth will set you free”.

I am looking forward to your next letter. Maybe some answers will be in it as well. God help Samoa.

L. Sasae

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