Community school hosts Science Week

By Marc Membrere 25 June 2020, 5:00PM

The Saint Peter Chanel Community School at Moamoa is hosting a Science week to showcase projects created by some of its students.

The School Principal, Tepora Tu'i, told the Samoa Observer that the various science projects were created by students in Years 1-9 which are now on display at the school until Thursday this week.

The science week is a result of a school tradition to celebrate a topic at the end of every term and the school settled on hosting a science week for this term.

"We sit down at the beginning of each year and we go through the overview and at the end of each term we celebrate a curriculum area," Mrs. Tu'i said. "So this term is science that was our major focus. We celebrate this by producing our experiments and our projects and what we have done over the past couple of weeks. 

"Also, the writing part that comes into it, the research about their topics.” 

About 30 science-related projects were on display in the school's chapel and they ranged from volcanoes, lava lamps and various other topics.

Mrs. Tu'i said students in Years 1-5 worked together on their projects and those in the other grades worked on their own.

Pualeina Bonin, who is a Year 8 student at the school, created perfume as her science project. She has chosen perfume creation as her project as it has made a scientific impact on society and she knows a lot of people use perfume.

The week-long science fair will now become a permanent fixture of the school curriculum calendar, the Principal added as all students now understand what needs to be done for such a fair.

"So at the end of each term, we celebrate a curriculum area. Hopefully what will happen, next year we will have a science week. This is the beginning of what we will continue. Next term we are doing an English celebration. We will be celebrating all things English in terms of the English curriculum," she added.

Parents of students have also been supportive of the project, according to Mrs Tu’i, as they provided the necessary material to enable their children to complete their projects.

She further stated that science projects are often done at home with the help of parents but since the projects are now done at school, parents can still offer help to the children by helping them understand the topic of their project.

"The projects are done at school but we are asking parents if they have the internet then help their child to explore the topic, get a bit of background learning to it. We try to encourage students to do projects where the materials are at hand because that's science, whatever is available to you, use it," she added.

By Marc Membrere 25 June 2020, 5:00PM

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