Wealth is about exploitation and position

Dear Editor,

Re: The government, the truth and 400 sex workers

How do you explain people who work hard but are poor?

There is no correlation between hard work and being poor except in the minds of people who have wealth but are greedy and self-centred and think poor people deserve their misfortune so they can justify their own greedy nature. 

If you blame and hate a victim of your own greed you can live without guilt. They are not lazy rather you are greedy. 

If there was in fact any correlation between hard work and wealth women in rural India would be the richest people in the world and CEOs of oil companies and bankers would be poor. 

Wealth is about exploitation and position of where one was born and of what social status one was born into. Nothing more than that. The only avenue to closing this wealth gap even slightly is through secular education.



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