Customary land, the system and climate change

Dear Editor,

Why is it that Fiu and the other three Matais with Maua are the few and only ones voicing concerns about our customary land? 

“The stroke of a pen is mightier than the sword.” 

If these Pacific leaders collectively signed any deal that will endanger the sovereignty of our existence as Samoans, and other Indigenous people of the Pacific through the promise of economic prosperity, then only time will tell how slowly we will die off as owners of our land. 

I’ve been blowing my horn for while now that the UN sponsored Climate Change agenda 2021 and 2030 is a radical cohesive approached by the Western elites for global control of resources. 

Our land is rich with minerals salts as compared to other countries that their land has been depleted with minerals by over farming. Food and water will be scarce because of irrational climate conditions. 

Here are some interesting facts to understand how climate cycles happened. It takes 72 years for the sun to move 1 degree on the ecliptic, and it takes 2,160 yrs for the sun to move 30 degrees which is a completion of 1 zodiac sign of 12, and it takes 25,920 yrs for the sun to have a complete revolution move on the 12 zodiac signs. 30 increments of zodiac houses by 12 equal 360 degrees of the circle plus five “holidays” equal 365 days of the year. 

I believe we just went through a 1 complete revolution. 

From Pieces the “two fish” to “Aquarius” the water bearer. And when that happened, the earth goes through the cleansing process we are experiencing now, earth quakes, fire, hurricanes etc. 

That’s why I posted before on my previous comments that the movement of the sun through the ecliptic is known as Astro Theology the ancient theology that the whole world knew then. The gospel of the stars that is personified by the characters in the bible. Jesus the “sun” in the sign of Pieces the two fish has left the scene to be with the next sign of Aquarius evidenced by the scriptural reference in Luke 22: 10-12. 

The story in the bible are astrological treaties written metaphorically and poetically as a spiritual and intellectual story of enlightenment. The night watchers or sky watchers of the ancient times known as prophets can foretold the future events by gauging the heavens by the movement of the starry planets and their cycles etc. 

But the same Roman elite families way back during the Caesars took the beautiful story ever told and made a real man out of it and profit from it. Pope Leo the 10th stated, “ how profit we are from this Jesus myth.” 

So long as people reject the truth and don’t want to confront the truth and they wonder why all this is happening is because the same people that came to Samoa as missionaries to give us their version of who God is, is the same one who are stealing our land now. 

We knew who God was way before the Westerners gave us their God of money and corrupt government institutions we have now. 

But wait for Jesus to come from the clouds to save us so they claim only perpetuating his coming while they ransack every indigenous people from their land. Wake up Samoa, 

Your land is all you have to bury you with dignity when go to meet your maker.


Leituala Roger B

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