Role of leadership in villages critical

By Aruna Lolani 21 March 2017, 12:00AM

The leadership of a village is critical in shaping the future.

If the supervision of a village is good and effective, the people are bound to be successful.

Not only that, but we look at the women’s committee as well for their counsel because they have the same ability to run things smoothly and in a peaceful way for the village. 

Speaking to the Village Voice, A’ana Tovia Meleisea, of Samatau, believes life in his village is great.

That’s because law and order is well maintained 

 “The way I see it,  the way rural areas or villages do things are more honorable than how people do things in the town area,” he said. 

“People from rural areas know how to do things with peace and they also know how to save and make use of what’s available from the environment.”

The 49-year-old prefers life in the village. They have everything they need, he said.

“We have bananas, and cans of fish (elegi) to feed the kids. We usually buy $20 cash power and our water bill always comes up to an amount of $20. 

“I am happy here in our village. We have everything that we need.”

Good management and wise counsel by the village chiefs have lead to a better life in the village of Samatau. 

 “We have meetings every six months to discuss rules that can protect the people, because in every village they have their own regulations that guide people in what they do. 

“So if a problem arises, we have the village council to make these decisions.” 

All the village chiefs work together with the women’s committee to keep the peace among their people. 

“The women’s committee is responsible for initiating rules for all women of our village. 

“These rules are there to guide women in terms of what they wear. Considering the fact that this life has changed in so many ways, we have made it as a priority to initiate rules according to our dress code. 

“They can wear whatever they want when they get to Apia, but not here in the village.”

A’ana told Village Voice yesterday that the village chiefs also have the authority to put an end to any problem that happens between families at Samatau. 

“For us back here, we look at this situation as a priority so whenever something bad happens, we seek help from our village chiefs. This is how we try to keep the peace. 

“I know there are too many problems happening in Apia so our chiefs are doing their best in keeping things peaceful on our side.” 

A’ana said that village life is simple and he couldn’t imagine staying anywhere else but the village he’s currently staying in. 

“Everything in our village is under the control and authority of the village chiefs.

“They come up with rules to guide everyone especially the youth. This is how we get along with each other.”

By Aruna Lolani 21 March 2017, 12:00AM

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