Idle customary lands

Re: Govt. and debts 

Nope. It is these noisy activists - hypocrites who live on freehold lands both in Apia and abroad - who cannot stomach their family members turning customary land into something which they can increase their own positions in life. 

They would rather those customary lands are left doing nothing forever. 

As long as nobody benefits they are happy because they do not want others in their own families getting ahead in life. 

However, would those hypocrites ever go back and help develop those customary lands for their families? Nope. 

Will they go back to the village and help be a solution rather than loudly complain from afar? Nope. 

They want those customary lands to remain idle. 80% of the country to remain idle.

The cynic in me says that those hypocrites only want those customary lands to do nothing so those family members in the villages continue to have to rely on them living on freehold lands because that is where the real power in a family lies.

Those who have money (those living on freehold lands) have influence and power over those in the family who do not have money (living on customary lands).


PS Jeffrey

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