The truth about religions

Re: Father, daughter and stigmata 

Religion like culture is the social fabric of any society. 

That’s why the controllers of the world used religion as a geo-political instrument for their own benefit. 

Ever since the Roman cult came into the scene, they’ve used religion as a controlling mechanism for the masses. 

Seneca, a stoic Philosopher an adviser to Emperor Nero of the first Century said. “Most people believe religion is true, the wise thinks that it is false and the upper class thinks that it’s necessary for control.” 

He faced the same fate like all the other great Philosophers like; Socrates, Hypatia and others.

Through out history, they’ve white washed any accounts about the teachings of the Gnostic Christians by burning of these books. 

Remember the so-called accidental burning of the library of Alexandria in Egypt in 48 BC that housed the wealth of knowledge and understanding of the world? Well, they deliberately burned the library and took all these books to the Vatican and store them in their underground volt. 

The Gnostic Christians are the true Christians. These were the Christians that Emperor Constantine was trying to eliminate then later joined and created Christiandom a counterfeit religion. 

Gnostic Christians teach us that the Christ is within all of us. It’s called consciousness, our TRUE NORTH! Our body is the temple of God. God dwell in each of us. It’s up to us to accept the good (God) or the evil (Devil). The duality of life. We can go directly to God our inner being instead of going through a third party like the “Faife’au” or a Bishop which the “system” wants us to obey for the ultimate subservient of our souls to them. 

Fake scripts which is fake news and propaganda has been around for a long, long time because so long as they keep us in the dark, it is easier for them to control us. I know history has been “cooked” too long as well. The enlightened ones that have “eyes to see and ears to hear will call it as it is. It is of what it is. “The Truth,” nothing more then the truth.


Leituala Roger B

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