What can be done to stop students fighting in public places?

By Marc Membrere 04 June 2020, 1:00PM

Faleolo Moe, 50, Lotofaga

Students are not safe here after school and the other reason this happens is that parents don't come and get their kids from here. Other people’s properties are being damaged due to these fights and the police should monitor the students here at the bus station. This is not a new thing, this has happened in the past few years and we would usually hear about the school fights. Teachers should be here at the bus station so that they can make sure students get on the bus to go home.

Fetalaiga Lefue, 44, Lotofaga

There should be laws about this situation so that the people here in this area can be safe from these problems. Police officers should be stationed here to monitor the students and the teachers should do something about this.

Apelu Peni, 58, Tuana’i

This is not a new thing. One person does it and everyone is affected such as the school. The teachers should do something about this because students are always obedient and listen at school. It happens almost every year and stuff like this shouldn’t happen.

Atonio Seuava, 49, Fusi Safata

One reason that parents send their kids to school is to be educated and they should think about their families but causing problems in public areas is not a good thing. It will affect your family, village and our country. A person who does not receive enough advise from their parents will cause this type of stuff to happen. Samoans should show love and kindness to each other and that is the use of school programmes that are done such as sports so that the youth would get to know each other. Police officers should be stationed here at the bus station because students are always here to wait for a bus.

Filemoni Malo, 39, Faleasiu

I was at the plaza when the fight happened yesterday and I was surprised to see students running from the market to the plaza then I knew that it was a school brawl. It is not a new thing. Parents are not sending their kids to school so that they can do this sort of thing, it is the student that causes these types of problems. Parents are teaching their kids so that they can become good people. If school fights happen then people will start to ask who your parents are and where you are from. The bus station is a public place where people come every day but it now seems like a place where the youth cause trouble such as what had happened yesterday. My advise to the students is to please stop this type of behaviour. They should work on gaining knowledge to become smart so that they can have a better future. The truth is that parents and teachers are giving them enough advise but it is all because of the kid. Advise is given to them but they aren’t using it. Some kids are influenced by others.

Saumolia Samuelu, 70, Lalomanu

My opinion is that the villages should do something about this. If a student is part of these things that are happening here, then the village should decide what to do to that kid. I think the parents are not giving their kids enough advise because if parents give more advise and teach their kids then this wouldn’t happen. Parents are not doing their duty and they should continue to teach their kids to stop this type of behaviour.

By Marc Membrere 04 June 2020, 1:00PM

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